24 Hours of The Life Of My Arkadia Owner Ammber

How do you do? My name is Ammber (that’s right with a double m) and I am a Graphic Artist, Mum (to Oscar 5 and Evie 2) and Designer/Co-Founder of a little label for kids and the young at heart, My Arkadia.

I live on the Gold Coast and I love to draw, grow things, make things, question things, op shop, play, design, watch movies, make playlists, daydream, reminisce, cook, write, read, explore, travel and laugh heartily till my cheeks ache.
I work part-time as a Graphic Artist at a screen printer, but today is my day at home with Evie.  I love to start the day with a yummy fresh juice. Today its a summery blend for a wintery day combining celery, kale, pineapple, ginger, apple, banana and passionfruit. Evie gets a cute little green moustache as I prepare Oscar’s lunch for kindy.  Today my little monkey man is having a chicken/avo sandwich, blueberry muffin with cream cheese/jam surprise filling, yogurt, popcorn, veggie sticks, cheese, crackers and fruit kebabs.
Once the boys head off Evie and I get to play. First we paint in the glorious sunshine. Evie puts me to shame with a paintbrush, she’s so focussed, free and natural at it.  Then we have a little tea party and water the veggie garden.  We love to get the kids involved weeding, watering, planting, pruning and harvesting.  At the moment we’re growing kale, tomatoes, fennel, carrots, sugar snap peas, lettuce, chillies, beetroot, capsicum and herbs.  Then its time to build block towers to conquer and demolish.
 After lunch its time for Evie’s nap, which gives me some time to shine!  I tidy up the playroom/Arkadia stockroom/studio, have a play with a paper doll set I made for Big Hearted Business, pack orders, catch up on emails, do some drawing and housework in the sweet quiet bliss.
 When Evie wakes we take stroll to pick up Oscar from Kindy. I laugh out loud when I read Oscar’s story of his birth on the kindy wall which reads ‘We climbed out of Mummy’s shirt when we got big, it takes a lot of practice.’ Ah, if only childbirth were that easy!  We stop to smell the flowers and Oscar takes an important business call – buy high, sell low!  Then there’s that magic moment of the day, where they see their daddy and run to greet him with cuddles and smiles.
Reel 5 – There is a full moon tonight and the air is filled with corella squawks.  We search for gumnut babies and explore our favourite tree stump on the way home.   The kids love to climb all over it, feeling the brittle bark, studying the moss and the funky fungus that resembles a fairy staircase.
Reel 6 – Home sweet home where we are greeted by our laser etched wooden Arkadia sign.  Our dinner is delicious tonight (if I do say so myself).  I’ve made tuna + brown rice patties, roast potatoes and a slaw of fennel, cabbage, apple, chilli and slivered almonds.  Served with my husband’s homegrown chilli chutney and basil pesto.  Yummo!  After some quite play its off to bed for Oscar and Evie.  Story time is a big part of the ritual for us, tonight’s it cat in a hat.  Then its nighty night, sleep tight.
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