4 Easy Ways To Make Halloween Costumes

Hey guys! I hope Halloween is not only my favourite holiday, but yours too. My whole family loves dressing up as creatures of the night: witches, ghosts, zombies, you name it. And as a mother and a wife, it’s entirely up to me to come up with creative costume ideas every year. To be honest, sewing is not my thing but this has never stopped me from at least trying. However immodest it may sound, I am an artistic nature and I’ve always made my daughter’s outfits by hand, using for lack of better expression, junk. Moreover, I consider homemade costumes to be much sweeter and personalised, unlike those you find on the market. I’m happy to share with you my experience and teach you how to make your kids some nice Halloween outfits for a fun evening.

1. A witch costume

An old, black, maxi skirt used as a witch’s dress for your baby girl is a lovely alternative. Involving almost no sewing makes it a really cheap alternative. Adding some tulle and purple ribbons will make it look way more attractive. Lastly, complete the outfit with a felt hat.

2. A DIY spider

Last year my daughter was dressed in a spider costume I designed. For the legs you need toilet paper rolls, black paint, a wire and a hot melt adhesive, considering it’s the most resistible glue under various conditions. The colour of the clothing should be black. The only thing left to do is to add antennae made of black wire to one of your daughter’s diadems.

3. A zombie costume


If you have an older kid you can conceive something more sinister. The zombie costumes are widely spread among teenagers but if you use a little bit of imagination it may turn out to be a real masterpiece. Just gather some old clothing from your wardrobe and tear them up a bit. Use some fake blood and scary make up like a pale base and dark eyes to accomplish the spectacular result you’re aiming for. I’ve got a brilliant idea which I intend to realise this year. Putting a camera on the back and a screen on the stomach of my daughter will create the illusion of a gaping hole through the whole body. That’s a bit extravagant thing to do, but if you can afford it, go for it.

4. A bandage mummy

Last Halloween my daughter was dressed up as a mummy. Even better, it didn’t take much effort to make the outfit. You just need some bandages and voila, you’ve got a perfect mummy garb. But before wrapping your kid in binds, remember to put some clothes underneath. Otherwise, something embarassing might happen. The only dowsnide of designing this mummy costume is that a lot of small remnants get stuck into the carpet’s fibers. This makes carpet cleaning a nightmare, but Halloween here in Melbourne is a pretty big deal, so I thought it’s worth it.

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