4 Types of Decking Design You Would Love

Every home owner who has a garden wishes to have a garden deck to go with it. The garden decks are very nice looking, and a convenient way to shake the design of your garden a little, by adding something to refresh the landscape. The garden deck is a great attachment to your garden, where you can put a table with some chairs, and spend your free time in there, enjoying the fresh air and the sunlight. I’m sure everybody would prefer to drink their morning coffee outside on the deck than inside.

But before you start enjoying your deck, you need to build one. And this is a quite hard task as it is. You need to pick the style, colour, shape, exposition and many other small elements, which together form the outlook of your new deck. But the most important part is the decking design. Many people have lots of problems with this, because they have no idea what it is. Here are 4 types of decking design you would love. I hope you find the right one for you among them.

Traditional decking design

Traditional. The traditional decking design is one of the oldest types, but it still has its timeless appeal and is quite popular among the garden lovers. You can recognise the traditional decking design by its perfect proportions and outlines, which give it the sense of true craftsmanship. For some people it may seem ordinary and even boring, but it’s still one of the most popular decking designs, because with the imagination of today’s people traditional doesn’t have to mean boring, even though everything is perfectly proportioned. This type of decking design is perfect for small backyards and cottage gardens.

Classic. The classic decking design is another great solution for those who look for something simple, but still stylish and noticeable. Usually the classic decking design is all about keeping things simple and understated, but the truth is, that there are many different styles, which are implemented in the word “classic”, and there are many different elements you can try. The best part is, that the classic decking design is perfect for a wide range of domestic ground level decks, which is actually a very common kind of landscape.

Open outdoor deck

Contemporary. The contemporary decking design is perfect for those, who love the modern and new kind of vision. The idea for this kind of design emerged from the idea to make old and classical houses more interesting and modern. But nowadays this type of decking design is mostly used on modern and new age houses, because it completes the vision of the modern landscape design and the outlook of the property in general. The biggest advantage of the contemporary decking design is, that it often incorporates materials like glass, metal and aluminium to the wood, which is quite interesting and original. The only problem is, that it’s hard to install and maintain.

Wooden deck

Hardwood. The hardwood decking design is quite new, because as you probably know, this kind of wood is usually used indoors, because it’s very gentle and hard to maintain. But lately they have found ways to maintain it in a great condition even outdoors. The hardwood decking can be a perfect solution for your garden, because of its warm, dark brown colour, which can fit perfectly every kind of plants. This decking design is so special, because it can be combined both with the traditional and classic types, and it will still look great.

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