5 Flowers You Need to Have in Your Garden

Flowers are very gentle plants, which need lots of love and attention to grow well and with no complications.

Numerous books were written about flowers, many philosophers and various thinkers have said thousands of words about these beautiful plants.

Many people even compare the woman’s beauty to the one flowers have. We can say lots about the most beautiful plants we love and fancy.

People nowadays like to grow their own flowers in lavish or DIY gardens, which bring colour and life to the landscape. But sometimes newbie gardeners have lots of trouble picking the best flowers for their gardens.

After all, there are so many kinds, some of which grow easily, but others need lots of attention. To help those newbie gardeners, here a list of five flowers, which are popular, and you won’t make a mistake by planting them in your garden.



The rose is probably the most popular flower in the world. There are so many kinds, shapes and colours of this flower, that you can hardly say it’s the same kind.

The rose is a very beautiful plant, and it’s quite popular on the market for special occasions. I’m sure that almost every woman in the world has been given a rose at least once in her life. Roses are so popular because they can grow without problems in practically every climate. Some kinds of roses even grow better during a cooler weather.

The only thing roses can’t handle is the deep shade, because they need light to grow properly. Roses are so durable, that they can even handle severe humidity and very high temperatures.



Tulips are also very beautiful flowers, which are quite popular in Holland, but also in many other countries and cities. They are also easily grown, and if you want, you can create different colours and sorts of tulips. According to flower decorators Bouqs, tulips start growing in spring, and they don’t have any special requirements to thrive but make some of the most beautiful bouquets you can imagine.



The lilac is another very gentle and quite popular flower among garden lovers. The most popular lilac is from the kind Syringa patula.

This flower grows in the form of a shrub, which is about one metre tall, and there are lots of small flowers in groups. This shrub produces its quite fragrant and lovely flowers in early spring.

For many, lilac is the first sign that summer is coming. If you want to grow lilacs in your garden, remember one very important lesson – after it blooms, gently remove the flower heads which have already blossomed. This way the production of this flower will be much bigger the next year.



The zinnia is a kind of flower you need to have in your garden. They grow in the form of a shrub, and the flowers themselves have such bright and beautiful colours, that it’s hard to say no to them. Another great thing about these flowers is, that they can blossom even in colder weather, which can turn your autumn garden into a very colourful and nice place. They are also quite easy to maintain, so you won’t have much trouble while growing them.



The iris is another very durable and quite popular flower among garden lovers. It blooms in late spring, which makes it a perfect beginning of your summer. This flower can grow on a wide variety of soils and climates, so I think it would be perfect for practically everybody. Some kinds of irises can even grow in a light shade, so it’s perfect for different kinds of gardens.

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