5 Handy Ways to Kill Garden Weeds

The garden weeds are like a very serious disease for practically every garden. They come from nothing, they grow all over our vegetables or fruits, and they settle in for good. Practically every garden has weeds, and they are something we can’t help. But the fact that we can’t do anything about their existence on a global scale, doesn’t mean that we can’t do something about them growing within the premises of our property. We have the responsibility to find the most suitable way to deal with them and apply it. The methods you can use are countless, but the results are always different. I’ve gathered these handy DIY ways to kill garden weeds, using what’s around the house, which are proved to be efficient. Check them out and share what you think:

Bottles. Most people use herbicides to kill the weeds in their gardens, which is a good solution in theory, but in practice you can easily also kill all the plants you have been trying to save from them. Some very inventive people have thought of this interesting technique, where they cut a big plastic bottle in half, cover the weed with the top half of the bottle, and spray the pest control solution through the other end. After you spray it, you should wait for a while, until the harmful emissions settle, and after that just remove the bottle. This way the weed will die, but your other plants will be unharmed.

Picking weeds in the garden

Carpet scraps. The carpet scraps are a new weeding technique among gardeners, but they are an amazing way to get rid of the weeds for a long time. The only thing you need to do is to place the shredded carpet scraps on the ground around your plants, with their faces down. Then you should cover them with some shredded tree bark or some straw, so you can ensure that the weeds won’t have a way out and will suffocate. The smartest way to do this is to use bigger scraps on your pathways and smaller ones for the space between your plants. This way you won’t harm the plants you care about in the process.

Shower curtains. Using old shower curtains to stop the annoying weeds from growing back is a very old, but still efficient trick. You just need to place them under the mulching material you use for your plants, and you will solve your problem for the entire season. The weeds will still try to grow, but they will be suffocated by the curtain, and they won’t be able to poke out anymore. This is probably the easiest way to do this without the need to use chemical solutions.


Vodka. If you want to kill the weeds easily and without any complications, you can always use vodka. Yes, it may sound silly, but the vodka can kill everything, including you, if you abuse it. So, you just need to mix no more than 30 millilitres of vodka with a few drops of dish soap, and two or three cups of water in a spray bottle. Then you need to shake it well, so the solution can mix. Then spray it all out on the weeds you want to kill, until the solution is over. It’s good to do this in the middle of a very hot day, so the alcohol in the vodka can dry the weeds and destroy them.

Salt. As you know, salt is also a very good solution, if you want to dehydrate something and remove it from your garden for good. If you want, you can directly pour it onto the weeds and cover it with some water, or just boil the salt and the water together, and then spray it on the weeds. Just be very careful, because the salt, just like the vodka, can also destroy your normal plants.

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