5 Life Saving After Party Clean Up Tips

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it come all the great moments spent with family and friends, the decorations, the songs, the food and the Christmas spirit. Hosting a party in your own home during that time of the year is both a blessing and a curse. From one side, you get to be the host, you’ll take all the credits for the amazing and fun party, and everyone in your family will admire your party hosting and cooking skills. But from the other side, there is the idea of the next day, when you will have to clean up practically everything around the house, which is a quite hard task sometimes. But as clever people say, you can’t have something nice without having to work for it. And trust me, after everything is over, you will probably have lots of cleaning on your hands. Therefore, instead of leaving it for later, you should just prepare yourself from the beginning, so the work at the end can be settled down to a minimum. To help you with this incredibly complicated task, I’ve prepared these simple party clean up tips, which should be more than helpful.

Have a clean start. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and cleaning, if the place you’re having the Christmas party in is fully functional before the fun part starts. Therefore, you should make sure that your kitchen is in the best possible condition before all the guests arrive. This way you won’t have to clean a double mess after the people are gone. So, take the trash out, put a new bag inside the bin and add some newspaper to the bottom, because liquids and grease are a very common issue at parties, and something needs to soak them, so they won’t spill on the floor. Wash all the dishes, so the sink or dishwasher can be empty and ready for the next day. This way both your kitchen will look great for the guests, and it will be ready for the clean up the next day.

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The food. The food you’re planning to serve at your Christmas gathering also has a great impact on the hours you will have to spend cleaning afterwards. We all know that on Christmas it’s hard to avoid the many courses of food and the sophisticated meals, but they are not something someone would like to clean up after. Therefore, you should think of a better organisation when it comes to food placement and delivery. Personalised plates which are pre-filled with food are the cleanest option, but it’s a lot of work for the host. Leaving the guests to fill their plates is also not ideal, because this will increase the number of stains around the table. So, the safest alternative is to put the food in a place where the stains won’t cause much damage, like for instance away from carpets, wooden flooring and walls. If you remove the surfaces which stain easily, you will save yourself a lot of scrubbing. I would personally even consider hosting an outdoor party, the weather allows it, and it requires the least cleaning effort afterwards.

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The dinnerware. You could take out your most valuable silverware if you want, but it would be completely pointless, and you would only have lots of additional washing to do later. It’s OK to do it for your family, but if you’re organising a party for friends or colleagues, using regular or even plastic plates is fine. If you’ve decided that you want real plates and glasses, you need to be prepared for the washing. You can leave a small basin in the sink, so these things can soak for some time before washing.

Take control. You’re the host of the party, so you’re the one who will have to take control over the party organisation and the clean-up. You can do this in many ways. For instance, you can just put some dishes in one spot, to tell the people that they need to put theirs over there too. The decorations also don’t need to be from those hard to clean ones, so it would be easier to remove them later. You should also consider removing all the things which can easily catch stains, like pillows and small rugs. After all, the point is to have fun, not to show off with your stylish home.

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Cleaning tools. During big and loud parties, it happens quite often that things get broken or spilled, and if you don’t clean it on time, the stains will dry and become very stubborn. Therefore, you should keep some cleaning tools around, so you can react timely and clean up the mess before it grows bigger. A broom and a mop with some detergent will be more than enough. Baking soda, salt, vinegar and lemon juice are also good items to have around stains, they will mend the situation quickly.

And finally, don’t let the thought of cleaning ruin your fun this Christmas. Life is a string of ups and downs, and we should enjoy every great moment with our families fully. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

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