5 Overnight Bedroom Improvements for Better Sleep

A lot of times our inconsistent and unhealthy sleeping habits have to do with the erratic environment in our bedroom. Often times the sole purpose of the bedroom – quality sleep, is disregarded in favour of catching up on your Netflix series backlog, checking Facebook status updates, and even going through a pile of work emails. Furthermore, sometimes the whole room turns into a chaos of clothes, bags, and other clutter lying all around. All of this proves to be quite harmful to the quality of our sleep and overall health. Not to mention it’s just an unpleasant sight to see first thing in the morning. Optimising the bedroom space and making it as comfortable and pleasant as possible, will have a dual favourable effect both on quality of sleep and the interior aesthetics of your home. Here are a few simple tricks you can do for an overnight bedroom makeover, that won’t cost a thing:

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Most bedroom clutter consists majorly of clothes scattered around the room, covering the floor and furniture. You will do yourself a huge favour, if you declutter your closet and give away anything you haven’t been wearing in the last year or so (chances are you will never be wearing it again). When you remove anything excessive, you can continue by putting all of your clothes inside the wardrobe, and in perfect order. This one step will solve your bedroom clutter problem for the most part.


2. Optimise Your Nightstand

It’s astonishing how much “stuff” one can pile on top of a nightstand in the course of a week. So make it a habit to spend a few minutes, say on a Sunday evening, to straighten up your bedside table. And better yet, come up with a few permanent solutions to banish clutter away. Keep your “currently reading” book pile at a maximum of two, have a charming little tray to be home to a water jug and a glass, your hand cream, and any other essentials you need. Keep your nightstand organised, but also stock it with everything you’ll need at bedtime. This will eliminate the annoying midnight walks that predispose additional clutter formation.

3. Keep Your Bedding Crispy Clean

Apart from the obvious hygienic reasons to keep your bed linen always clean and fresh, your quality of sleep will improve too. You know the tingling happy feeling of crispy clean sheets, that gives you a peace of mind and helps you relax. Also, an eye-catching (and always clean) bedding set makes for a fantastic décor accent. Keep your sheets fresh and clean, and make your bed every morning. For a healthy good night’s sleep you need to take care of your mattress too. Freshen your mattress, and flip it every few months. To clean the mattress, sprinkle some baking soda over it, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum.


4. Ban Technology Away

The single, most crucial step to turning your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary is to ban technology at the doorstep of the room. This might prove to be difficult at first, but if you are persistent, you will soon form a strong habit to detox from technology. Retire for the night about an hour before your bedtime. Use these precious moments for some alone time. Take a hot shower, meditate, write in your journal, or simply read a good book in bed. Use a separate alarm clock, and not your phone. Leave all technology out of the room.

5. Add an Artsy Touch

Here’s the finishing touch – art. Now, here you might want to budget for some new art pieces you like, go by the nearest thrift shop. Or you can just steal something from another room in you home. Even if it is something you had for years, it will refresh the room and add some charm. You could also spend some time in the weekend to immerse in a DIY art project. Paint something that comes from your heart (or use some of your kids’ masterpieces), sculpt, or redecorate an old vase. These beautiful and sentimental items will improve the décor of your bedroom, and brighten your mood as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

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