5 Steps Of Evaporative Cooling Cleaning For A Portable Cooler

Evaporative coolers have become very popular. They provide effective cooling in a hot and dry climate. But to ensure that the cooler is performing up to the mark, you must opt for evaporative cooling cleaning. You must follow this practice to ensure that the cooler is performing effectively. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the ways to ensure the effectiveness of cooler by opting for the right method of evaporative cooling cleaning are. 

Clean the Water Tank

To begin with, you can start by cleaning the water tank. If you leave the cooler without changing water, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and start oozing fetid smell. To overcome this, you must opt for changing the water of the evaporative cooler. The right way of evaporative cooling cleaning is to clean the water tank completely and sanitize it. You must ensure that the water tank is completely clean and hygienic. Here is the stepwise method of cleaning: 

Step1: Unplug the cooler and start with removing one and cleaning the water tank. 

Step2: Drain out all the water out of the cooler. To do this, you need to unplug the drain plug. If you have a portable cooler with a detachable water tank, then the task becomes simplified. 

Step3: Your next move should be cleaning the inside of the cooler. To do this, you would need a soft sponge cloth. If there is some debris, then you can easily brush it off. If you leave the cooler’s debris, it may block the pipe and impact the flow of water, thus decreasing the cooling efficiency. 

Step 4: To do the cleaning, you would need a vinegar solution and water in equal quantity. Let the vinegar solution sit in the tank for an hour and then wash it off with warm water. 

Step 5: Scrubbing of the tank is important as it allows you to get rid of any debris stuck to the tank. 

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Cleaning the Cooling Pad

Now that you know how to go ahead with evaporative cooling cleaning, your next move should be to clean the cooling pad. To do this, you would need a solution of lemon juice or vinegar and soak the pad in it. Allow it to sit in this solution for 30-60 seconds. After some time, take out the cooling pad and rinse it with water. Allow the cooling pad to get air-dried. Once they are dried up, put them back in the portable evaporative cooler. 

How often should you do replace the cooling pads?

  1. If you notice a reduced flow of air. One of the first parameters that you need to check is whether the airflow is optimum or not. In case you notice that the cooler is not showing effective cooling, you must go for replacement of the cooling pad. Reduced airflow
  2. Type of material. The type of cooling pad also decides when you need to change it. There are two types of cooling pad material, Aspen and Honeycomb. While Aspen cooling pads need to be changed at the beginning of every season, the honeycomb ones last for 3-5 years. Hence you must clean the cooling pad regularly to ensure that it lasts longer. 


Evaporative cooling cleaning will help you maintain your cooling system and will allow it to work efficiently. With the help of above-mentioned steps, you can do this cleaning on your own. Now ensure that you don’t skip on regular cleaning so that the cooler works at its best. 

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