5 Tips For Creating a Family-Friendly Living Room

As a kid, do you remember how your parents used to forbid you from entering your grandparent’s living room alone? Living rooms were said to be a forbidden zone for children and for good reasons: Sofas and armchairs enwrapped in clear plastic, porcelain collectables organised perfectly on the coffee table, crystal lamps resting on delicate end tables, and so on. These living spaces often remained empty, despite the rest of the house bustling with life.

When you love fine arts, but have kids back home, staying true to your design aesthetics can be quite a challenge. To make the most out of their square leisure space, parents had to either choose a great design or useful functionality. However, with an array of other options available and modernisation, you no longer have to sacrifice your favoured aesthetic to create a space where your whole family can make use of it and enjoy it. 

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Here are five tips that will help you nail your living room decoration when kids are in the mix.

1) Adding a Rocker

A rocker is a must-have piece of furniture for children. Not only they are great for lulling little ones to sleep but also make a classic reading spot. Rockers are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so find the one that fits right into your design. Also, while being with kids, you spend quite a time on the floor, so consider pairing them up with some comfortable pillows around for lounging.

2) Selecting the Right Fabric

Having neutral furniture as the base of a living room is one of the smartest choices you can make. Layer on pillows in a variety of textures and colours, and voila! You have created a stylish living space for the whole family. Since kids often tend to mess around a lot, look for fabrics that are either nubby or woven. They are most likely to hide stains and smudges better than smooth fabrics.

3) Making Furniture Work for You

Look for furniture pieces that can also be used for storage. For instance, a round coffee table can feature a flat top layer for playtime, along with convenient deep drawers for storing toys. However, quick clean up options are also a must for maintaining a clutter-free and stylish living room. 

4) Invest in Leather

Yes, you heard it right! Leather is said to be one of the best durable home improvement materials that can stand up to years of wear and tear from kids and pets. It becomes quite easy to wipe down the mess and keeps the furniture clean It becomes quite easy to wipe down the mess and keeps the furniture clean. Additionally, leather will also help you maintain good looks over time. If you are worried about scratches hindering the finish, look for distressed leather. 

5) Create a Vibrant Space

Vibrant colours evoke fun and kid-friendly atmosphere. You can pair a navy sofa with wicker furniture (traditionally made of material of plant origin) and a distressed coffee table. Add a  brightly striped area rug and cotton candy pink floral pillows to help tie all the hues together. A living space serves multiple functions: a place for kids to create art and play, a home office, and a spot to relax with your family.

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6) Make your own pet paradise

Pets are a big part of any family, especially if they have been a part of it for a long time. Create a stylish corner for your beloved pet, like a climbing area for your cat, or a cosy bed with toys for your dog. There are many options and the great thing is that you can implement them in every part of your house.

If you are the proud owner of reptiles, for example, you can integrate their enclosure into the design of your living room. It will certainly add an exotic feel to the overall look. Fish tanks also look amazing in the main living area.

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