5 Tips for Working Mums to Find the Right Balance in Their Lives

Being a working spouse and wife can be quite a hassle, especially when you are trying to find the perfect balance between your family and career. Working mothers often don’t have it easy, because they both have to work and take care of the entire house, and in most cases, nobody rushes to help them. I personally think that both spouses should take equal care of the house, since they both work, but I guess many people have everything backwards. And many women find themselves troubled by their attempts to balance between their work and the cleaning and maintenance of their houses. If this is your case, keep reading, because I have listed down some tips, which will help you find some balance in your life. It won’t prevent you from having to clean the house, but it will make your lives a little easier and happier, which will turn into a healthy routine over time.

Working Mums

1. Find an even ground – it is very important that you find an even ground with your children when you are at home. Therefore, make sure to do the small things like goodnight kisses, attend dance and violin recitals, football matches, etc. This way your children will know that although you are absent sometimes, you are still interested in them. But don’t spoil them too much to try to compensate your absence, because they will get used to it and will only want more and more, and this will not end until you put your foot down. You can also keep your children busy and make them feel useful by giving them some light chores around the house. Nothing too hard or dangerous, just some small tasks you’re certain they can deal with.

2. Ignore personal calls when you are at work – many women tend to take personal calls while they are at work, without realizing that this consumes their time and the things they had to do at work get postponed, which leads to working over hours and returning home exhausted and nervous. By not taking and making such calls while being at work, you will be able to finish your tasks faster and return home to spend time with your family. Which is one of the most pleasant moments of the whole day, at least for me. The same principle applies to e-mails. The less distractions you have at work, the faster you’ll be able to finish all your work tasks. We have a special emergency system with my husband, if he called me twice in a row, then it’s really important and I should pick up. Otherwise it can wait.

Work space at home

3. Mums who work at home should have their working area set – just designate an area of your home which would serve you as your home office, where you should be left alone to work. It’s difficult for some mothers to set such boundaries, but if you want to be more productive and find the right balance in your life, you’ll have to do something about it. Due to the fact your children won’t understand why they cannot bother you even though you are at home, place an open/close sign. This way your children will know when you are really busy and when it’s not allowed to bother you during the day.

Resting mother

4. Take annual breaks – as a working mum, you must regularly take your annual leave to recharge the batteries. Otherwise you risk even your health, by trying to constantly work, clean, educate your children, and do everything else all by yourself.

Messy office

5. Know when to seek help – More and more working mothers seek help with the household work, and nowadays it has turned into a normal thing of our everyday lives, so don’t feel guilty if you feel you need it. There is nothing shameful about it. Although you are a capable woman, you must remember that you are not alone and that you have a spouse to aid you. After all, you are equals, and since you both work, you should both take care of the house. Even more, don’t hesitate to hire professional aid when the situation requires it. For example, you can hire cleaners to take care just of your oven or kitchen – you don’t need to pay for cleaning the entire house. It’s a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

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