5 Ways to Make Your Neighbours Envy Your Christmas Decoration

Winter holidays are knocking on the door and you’ve probably been planning the festive decoration for a whole month. You’ve presumably thought to place all the traditional ornaments and make everything look like a fairytale. If you’d like something more different, however, you may take advantage of the following ideas and make your neighbours envy your Christmas decor.

What would be better is to combine tradition with a pinch of creativity and make something unique.

# 1 Place the Lights

There’s no Christmas without lights. This piece of decoration has become a traditional part of the winter holidays. But how about bringing a different shade in this common ornamentation? No preparation process is complete if there are no safety measures. Remember to check all sockets and light chains if they’re safe for work, especially the outlets on your porch. For the purpose, you can use a practical tool to check all the bulbs for defects, like a light tester.

#2 Think Outside the Box

You can put all your efforts in the creation of something traditional like mesh lights on the edge of your roof. In case you’d like something different, however, you could take a shopping tour around the furnishing stores and buy 3D figurines and similar. You could purchase reindeers, snowflakes, dwarfs, polar bears or anything else you’d like. But before you put all your efforts in this enterprise make sure they power outlets and extension cords are adjusted for the outside. Thus, you’ll be sure there won’t be any high voltage accidents.


# 3 Light Tunnel

This element is a little different and might seem like a strange idea. Nevertheless, you could decorate the pathways to your entrance door with a light arch. If you’re a DIY enthusiast here are a few easy steps you can carry out to achieve one of the best pieces of decoration your neighbours will envy you for.

  1. Measure the length of the pathways and divide it into equal parts.
  2. Start with a solid foundation. Decide how many arches you’d like to place and buy white pipes. If you’re wondering what their thickness should be, it would be best to go with the thickest but flexible pipe. Their length should be at least 10 ft, but you could buy longer pipes. Thus, if you need the arches to be higher or shorter, you modify them.
  3. Divide every pipe into sections of equal length and attach the lights so they’re stable and there are no complications after install the light tunnels. The next step of your lighting installation is to thrust the pipes in an equal distance of one another, so the tunnel has a proper shape and the construction is stable. After you’ve completed this stage of the process it’s time to place the lights. Make sure the extension cords and the cables are long enough so they’re not too stretched and won’t tear.


# 4 A Christmas Workshop

Every Christmas enthusiast knows no ornamentation process is complete without Santa’s workshop. You could either a prefabricated hut or build it yourself from scratch. The second option is better for a few reasons:

  • You’ll control the process from the very beginning.
  • You can choose an original architectural design and paint colours.

# 5 Clean Up the Mess

No matter how small your construction site is you’ll have to properly rid yourself of the leftover materials. Just gather all the things you didn’t use this year and separate them into two categories – things you might use and things which should be discarded. There’s also always a third option – donate. Your unused Christmas decorations may be useless to you, but they can make someone’s holidays as beautiful and as colourful as yours. I don’t know about you, but I always sleep better when I know I’ve done something good.

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