6 Benefits from Having a Vertical Garden

Many people who live in small apartments or houses dream of having more space of their own, so they can arrange everything the way they want it, and probably take care of a garden of their own. Therefore, more and more people move to the suburbs every day, and buy houses with big backyards. Latest research shows, that people who take care of their own gardens have a lot stronger nerves and are more resistant to different diseases. This is because gardening is not only a hobby, but also a calming exercise which teaches us about patience and care. But what to do when you have a very small garden and there is not enough space for all your plants? Well, there’s always the option for vertical gardening. And before you turn me down, just check out these amazing benefits from having a vertical garden. I’m sure you will find them to be very reasonable and useful.

Green wall
Shield. More than everything else, vertical gardens can be considered as a special shield, which protects our home from various unpleasant outside factors. For once, if the garden is planted on your outside walls, it will protect your home from the harsh weather conditions, like the strong sun and the unpleasant ultraviolet rays, or from the rain, if you live in a very rainy area. The green wall will also protect your paint from being destroyed by these weather conditions. So, as you can see yourself, sometimes it’s a good thing to have a small garden.

Small vertical garden, mounted to the fence
Insulation. Other than protecting your home from the bad weather, the vertical planting can also protect the inside of your home, acting as a sort of an insulation. This way your entire property will be way more energy efficient, you will save lots of money on bills, and you may even get some discount from your taxes, who knows. The plants near your exterior walls will act as a sort of a barrier, which will help you have a warmer weather in the winter and a colder one in the summer without the need to pay for it, which is the dream of every home owner.
Creativity. If there is something, which the vertical gardening is teaching us of, it’s creativity. You can use this amazing plant arrangement not only to protect or decorate your home, but you can practically use it to hide objects and parts of the house you don’t want to be seen. With a little creativity, you can turn your home into the perfect place to live, without any disappointing sights.

Vertical garden made from bottles
Shade. The vertical gardens are also the perfect source of shade, especially if you place them near a window, or close to the garden table and chairs. If you pick the right position for your plants, you will be able to create the perfect shade, which will protect you and your family from the devastating powers of the sun. This will also create a very lovely view for your neighbours.
Fence. Vertical gardens are usually being created near the outside walls, so they can protect them, but lately there’s a new fashion rising. Lately more and more people decide to use their vertical gardens as a sort of a fence, which protects their properties from the curious looks of their neighbours and people passing by. It’s a good way to gain some privacy in today’s fast-moving world.

DIY vertical garden
Divider. Lately many people started creating vertical gardens indoors. It’s a great way to decorate a small apartment or to even divide rooms, acting as a wall between them. This way you will have something which is both beautiful and practical in your home. Also, the living wall can be easily moved when you want some change, while all the other ones are quite permanent, so that’s just a big bonus.

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