6 Pesky Garden Pests You Should Look Out For

Taking care of a garden daily can be a very calming and refreshing activity. Watching the plants grow and blossom is like watching your child grow and develop. It’s an amazing experience, which can calm even the clinically insane. This is why so many people, who have nervous problems or just work too much and are tense all the time, decide to start growing a garden. This way they have some time to themselves, and they can enjoy some time on the fresh air, which is always healthy and useful. But every achievement has its enemies. In this case the enemies of your garden are the pests. With the temperatures rising here in Australia, there are plenty of pests waking up, ready to destroy your perfect gardening experience. They come to feed of your plants and grow nests in them. Getting rid of them is very important, but before you do that, you need to know which the most common pests are. Here is a list with six pesky garden pests you should look out for always.


The slugs are one of the most common pests you can find in your garden. There is no gardener in the world, who hasn’t complained about them at some point. They are a true pestilence for your plants, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get anywhere near them. Slugs come to the garden for the simplest purpose you can think of – to get food. And they make every gardening effort hard or plain impossible while they do it. They feed on different plants and even vegetables, and they are a real drag, because once they settle, it’s hard to get rid of them. This is because they are hermaphroditic. This means, that one slug is enough to produce a whole army of them. They come to your garden, they feed, they nest, and after a while they spread everywhere. This is why you need to take precautions before it gets too late.



The snails look just like the slugs, with the only difference that they have a shell on them, which they use as a home. They also come to your garden to feed of your plants and destroy them. And once you see one, you can be sure there are more. They usually come outside after it has rained, so you should wait around a little after you’ve watered your plants, if you want to make sure your garden is snail-free. Fortunately for you, nowadays there are many kinds of pesticides and poisons in the stores, which will kill all the slugs and snails in your garden. Just be very careful, because these things can harm your plants too.


Australia is home no not 1, but 7 different types of wasps. Most of them are considered useful, because they help in plant pollination, but some, like the European wasp for instance, are complete menaces, that can seriously hurt you if you get close. Wasps like nesting in people’s gardens, especially in holes under the ground, in trees or under the roof of the house. Removing a wasp nest is a very dangerous and tricky business, so it’s not recommended to do it by yourself. It’s best to not approach them without a special suit and equipment, because wasps can sting more than once and are extremely aggressive if they feel danger. And the Australian weather is so warm, that wasps often skip their dormant winter period and are active all year long.


Japanese beetles

The Japanese beetle is also a very dangerous garden pest, especially because it likes to hide in the ground and it’s very difficult to even notice it. It feeds off the roots of your plants, and sometime after the infestation starts, the plants start to die out, because they can’t get their food and water supply normally. The Japanese beetles are quite dangerous, inspect the ground around your plants regularly, to make sure you don’t have some nesting in there.


Earwigs are also a true scourge for every gardener. They are small bugs and it’s hard to spot them in your garden, mostly because they are nocturnal and hide well during the day, while you’re in there. The earwigs feed by decaying wood and plants, they move really quick, and they like to hide in damp and quite wet places. This kind of pests can be found practically everywhere around the world, but it’s a fact they prefer the southern climate more.



Aphids are not so dangerous, but they are still very common garden pests. They are greenish in colour and they have soft bodies, compared to the beetles. The only advantage you have, is that they move quite slowly, so they are easy to kill and control.

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