6 Ways to Improve Your Home Using Old Windows

Have you ever wondered what to do with the old windows once the new ones are already installed? I had that issue a few days ago. We replaced all the windows in the house because their wooden frames weren’t providing us with the comfort we need. They were nice, but the windows they produce nowadays provide better insulation to the entire house. But once everything was over, the big question of what to do with the old windows remained.

My husband was all for throwing them away, but after I gave it some thought, I decided to try and repurpose as many of the windows as possible. After all, there are so many possibilities – I could make some kind of wall decoration or build myself a greenhouse for the garden. And after some research I found some even cooler ones. Here are some nice DIY projects you can use your old windows for.

Picture frame from old window

Make a picture frame. This is a very simple project you can finish in a couple of hours. All you need to do is pick a window with the appropriate size, clean the frame and the glass, and paint the frame if needed. Then you need to print a big photo you would like to display, or a few smaller ones, which can be arranged within the frame. You should also find a piece of cardboard with the same size as the window. Attach the picture or pictures to the cardboard, and use glue to attach the cardboard to the window. Then you can get some of those triangle picture hooks and attach them to the back of the window, so you can attach the frame to a wall.

Wall decorations. Now this is a project which can require a lot of imagination. For once, you can make it simple and just display various window frames on the wall or near stairs. Or, if you’re the creative type, you can arrange some flowers, decorative balls, bulbs and all kinds of other elements, and create a true work of art for your walls. Some people even attach watches to an old window frame and consider it a decoration. I guess you need to have some imagination.

Coffee table from old window

Coffee table. Now this is a little more complicated project, which will require some building skills. In general, the window frame with the glass will serve as the top part of the table. You can clean the window and paint it in a colour you see fit. Than you can find 4 pieces of wood for the legs of the table, clean and paint them. Make sure they are the same length before attaching them to the window. You can use nails and a hammer, but be careful not to break the window. You can also use special brackets with screws, they are safer. Here are the full instructions.

Greenhouse from old windows

Make a greenhouse. There are many ways to make a greenhouse from old windows, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into that. The easiest way is to dig shallow holes in the ground, plant your plants in these holes, and cover everything with a window. Or, if you’re into building things, you can get some nails and a hammer, and build a greenhouse above the ground. Just connect the windows to each other and use nails or brackets to keep them together. You can either make a small hut from 2-3 windows, or bigger structures with a roof, if you want.

Flower planter. Flower planters made from old windows are also quite popular lately. There are also many versions you can try. The one I found interesting was the simplest idea that could come to mind. You just need to get a window frame with many panes, position it against a wall, and use a rope to attach various pots on it. It’s very simple and elegant. There are also some more complicated options you can explore, if you have the time and will.

Jewelry organiser from old window

Jewellery organiser. If you own a lot of jewellery and your necklaces always get tangled, and you have a hard time taking care of it, then you should find a better way to organise your possessions. You can create a very simple jewellery organiser using one old window frame with many panes, some old hooks and buttons, some thread, some mesh and some glue. Clean the window frame, paint it and decide how you will want to use the space. Then arrange all the small hooks and buttons which will hold the necklaces and rings. Glue the mesh on one of the panes, it will be perfect for holding earrings. And there you have it – your own jewellery stand!

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