9 Cool DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is that period of the year when you can unleash your imagination to create the creepiest decorations like a pro. Sure, you can buy anything these days, but the very point of DIY is not only to create something. Your “invention” will be absolutely unique and, admit it, you’ll have fun while you put efforts into your project. The best about Halloween decorations and DIY costumes is to include your child or friends and, on top of everything, have a good time!

Here are some ideas of how to make unique decorations for your house this year:

# 1 Scary Balloons

For this task you will need balloons (as many as you wish) and neon markers. Inflate them and tie their ends so you can continue your work. Take one of the markers and draw scary faces. If you want to create a ghost balloon, first use neon ink markers. Then cover the balloons with pieces of transparent cloth and tie them outside your house. The ink from the markers will make their scary faces glow and they’ll have a pretty original look.

# 2 Mini Torches

If you don’t want to carve one-hundred pumpkins, use oranges. Take a few fruits and use a spoon to carve their “innards” out. Now you have to form their horrific faces with the help of your imagination and a little scale model knife. The best about your tool are its small size and sharpness, so you will not ruin the peel of the orange by pushing it too hard.

# 3 The Headless Porter

For this task, all you need is an average-sized pumpkin and a dummy like those you see in the shops. The best about the plastic humans you will use is their bodies are detachable and easy to manipulate. Now take the plastic head off the body. Take the pumpkin and carve a nice blood curdling face. Dress your manikin in the appropriate outfit and attach the head in one of his hands. To make him even more frightful, light a small round candle and place it inside. Now you have your headless horseman without the horse.


# 4 Gravestone

If you have a front yard, this is an ideal decoration. Use a thick wooden board and round its ends so it looks like a real tombstone. Apply one or two layers of matt grey paint and let it dry for a while. After that write something like “Here lies count Dracula”. If you have another dummy, detach and place one of his hands into the ground. Thus your “dead man” will look like as if he is trying to crawl out of his sepulcher. To make it more dramatic, paint his limb deathly pale in light greyish and add a few drops of red paint to imitate blood.

# 5 Broom Parking

Take a broom with a long wooden handle. Pull the thin sticks in the bristly part, to make it look like it has been used. Lean it close to the entrance of your home and leave a cardboard sign “Witches only! Everybody else will be turned into a frog!”.


# 6 Bloody Candles

For this decoration “recipe” you’ll need candles in two colours – a few white and one or two scarlet red. Light the red one and tilt it over the white ones. The flame will melt the wax and the crimson drops will cover the other torches. Thus, they will look as if they’re bloody.

# 7 Spider Webs

Buy a spider web spray and decorate your walls, the front door, porch or even the trees outside your house. Here are a few DIY ideas as well.

# 8 A Flock of Bats

To improve your decoration, you can use black paper. Cut little bat forms in different sizes and make a swarm. Use little pieces of scotch tape to attach the night creatures onto your wall or the entrance door. If you don’t have black paper, however, use a few ordinary white sheets and black marker to colour them. You can also use other handy materials to make DIY bats.


# 9 Ominous Yellow Eyes

If there are any bushes thick enough to hide an object, then this is the idea for you. The choice of what to use is all yours, as long as it is round and easy to draw on. Use the glow marker to depict evil eyes and growly mouth with sharp teeth. Place it in that part of the bushes where it’s dark enough so the glow ink can do its job.

Certainly, you could think of a dozen more ideas of how to make your home creepy enough for Halloween. Remember to have fun and be safe, especially if you include your kids in such a project because accidents take seconds to happen. If they are too young to participate in the preparation, make a part of the room you’re in a playground so you could keep an eye on them. And have fun!

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