9 Fun Family Halloween Games

Halloween is almost here! I remember that I loved this holiday as a kid. I used to look forward to the costumes, the candy, and the fun games we used to play with my friends on the neighbourhood streets. Nowadays, not much has changed. I still love all the above, and now I have an awesome daughter to share all of it with.

Each year the parents in the area organise trick-or-treating, a nice Halloween party for the grownups, and cool games for the kids. The games we usually play on this holiday bring me back to the old days, when I used to play them as a kid. If you wish to plan an unforgettable Halloween for your family, here are some funny Halloween games you can try.

Halloween costume

Monster freeze dance. This one is funny, and it gets the kids moving, which is good for everybody. All you need to do is pick some Halloween tunes, play them and watch the little vampires, princesses and monsters dance. The music must be stopped at random intervals, and when it does, all the kids must freeze. The ones who are still moving when the music is off, are being eliminated. The last monster standing wins the game.

Halloween feel box. This game is a little gross to me, but kids usually love it, so who am I to judge? It requires a little creativity, so bear that in mind. In order to pull it off, you’ll need a couple of boxes, some common household items (nothing dangerous though), and some slime, of course. Put the items in the boxes, cover them in slime, and have the kids feel and guess what’s inside the box. You can also put some slimy food in some of the boxes, it will save you some time. Here are the full instructions to this game.

Wrap the mummy. Wrap the mummy is an old time classic, which used to be played even by my grandma. The rules are pretty simple – you get lots of toilet paper and cover someone completely with it. The goal is to play in small teams, 3 kids in a team preferably. One kid is the mummy, and the other two do their best to cover their mummy friend in toilet paper from head to toes. You can even organise competitions with a few teams, and the one who manages to cover their mummy the fastest, gets a prize.

Halloween ghost stories

Tell ghost stories. Another classic, which makes my skin crawl just by thinking about it. It’s not even much of a game, just a fun Halloween activity, which provides kids with some strong emotions. When I was a kid, we used to love to gather around a fire on Halloween and tell each other scary stories we have heard from our older siblings or parents. Some of the stories were pretty dull, but there were a few that made such an impression on me, that I still remember them. Here are a few ghost stories to choose from.

Pumpkin carving race. What is Halloween without pumpkin carving? A big waste of time, pretty much. Pumpkins are one of the signature elements of Halloween, and you can’t have a great party without some carved pumpkins serving as lanterns. And why not organise a pumpkin carving race? It will get the kids excited, it will unleash their creativity, and it will provide you with some crazy designs to admire and laugh at. Find some carving templates over here.

Wiggle worm race. This Halloween party game will get your kids moving. The rules are simple – you separate the kids in a few teams, everyone puts their left hand between their legs, and the person behind them grabs that hand with their right one. Then you give them a signal, upon which they have to start running and get to a finish line you set. The first team that reaches the finish line intact, wins the game.

Carved pumpkin

Pumpkin hunting game. The pumpkin hunting game is very similar to the Easter egg hunt, the only difference is that you hunt for tiny pumpkins hidden around the house or garden. If you don’t have the time to get/make/buy tiny fake pumpkins, then you can just hide some candy instead, your kids will be even happier by this outcome.

Candy corn catch. This game is usually played in teams of two. One of the team members throws candy corn at a plastic container attached to their partner’s waist, and the other one has to help catch as much candy corn as possible. It’s not so easy as it sounds.

Kids in Halloween costumes

Bobbing for apples. In order to pull this off, you will need a big basin filled with water, and some apples. The goal is to catch the apples floating in the water, using only your mouth. If you want to make it more interesting and Halloween-like, then you can add some red food colouring to the water, it will make it look like blood. Spooky, isn’t it?

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