9 New Year’s Resolutions for A Stress-Free 2019

Happy New Year! New Year is the time when we all look back on the year that has passed and reflect on our lives. Some of the things we’ve accomplished we like, others we don’t, but each New Year we make a list of our shortcomings and take a vow to work on them.

In the last two decades the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions has become extremely popular in Australia. Surveys show that around 70 percent of us intend to set at least one goal they want to achieve in 2019. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of those who make New Year resolutions succeed in realising them. If you want to be among those 25 percent follow these two simple steps – stay realistic and start acting from day one of the New Year.

Now when you know how tackle your resolutions, here are some worthy vows that will keep you healthy and well in 2019:


1. Less Stress

Stress is the main culprit of so many physical and psychological problems and that’s why you should get rid of it this instant. One way you could do that is by making your workplace more pleasant. Add a few personal small items like a photograph or a small souvenir. It takes a single look and voilà, you’ll be much calmer.

2. Organising is King

Your work might be stressful, but there’s nothing more exhausting than doing everything at the last moment. You forget to pay the bills, pick up the dry cleaner’s and what not. Well, there’s a solution to the 1001 tasks and it is called organising. Divide the tasks by urgency and carry them out one by one. Thus, at the end of the week, you won’t be overwhelmed with a ton of things you could do little by little.

3. Chillax

There’s a time for everything, so stop obsessing with the things you didn’t do and give yourself a little rest. If there’s no chance for a lazy weekend, combine every task with a short time out. If you have to go to the supermarket and shop for the week, take a short walk afterwards. If your household tasks have piled up to the roof and you have no time for rest, just play your favourite play list while you’re cleaning or handling a common house repair project. If you’re at work, and can’t go out for some clean air, go for a cup of coffee to the office kitchen.


4. Get A Pet

It’s scientifically proven that pets reduce stress levels. The choice between pet types is all yours. Have an aquarium installed and enjoy the speechless colourful fish. If you’re more physically active and want an energetic fluff ball, get a puppy. In case you don’t have time to take Rupert the Labrador out for a walk every day, get a cat. Choose your feline companion carefully. They’re not all lovable, fluffy and lazy to the bone. Some breeds are so energetic, they won’t leave you alone for even a second and will wreck the house like Godzilla.

5. Work Out More

There are many stress-reducers when it comes to physical exercise. You can choose between dancing, yoga or wall climbing, if you will. The main idea is to make the work out a habit and the benefits are great. You’ll lose those few pounds which have tormented your mind the past year. Second, you’ll keep your mind off your work or personal problems for an hour or two, which will automatically result in sound sleep in the evening. And third, you’ll meet new people if you sign up for salsa lessons, for example.

6. Get A Hobby

If there’s an activity outside the gym, which will engage your mind and give you pleasure, find time to do it once or twice a week. Read a good book in the park or spend some time in the garden. If you like repairing and making stuff, go to the nearest DIY store and start crafting. If there’s a nasty and complicated home repair that needs to be done, leave it to the pros, especially if you have no experience. If you’re enthusiastic to do things by yourself though, there are many detailed how-to guides for everything available online.


7. Quit Smoking

That’s a very bad habit that needs to be eradicated. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The numbers speak for themselves. Only 15% of those who try to quit manage to resist the habit for longer than six months.

8. Save Money

After the Christmas shopping spree most of us find ourselves stone-broke. That’s one of the main reasons we vow to spend less and manage our finance better. But these resolutions will be off the table as soon as you see a nice pair of shoes. Sad, but very true.

9. Travel

The thing you’ve always wanted to do but you never had the time or the money. So, each year we tell ourselves that next year will be different and we’ll spare a week or two, but right after the holiday season is over, we get swept away by our lives, the stress and our other worries. And so, we postpone it year after year, after year. If you choose travel as your New Year’s resolution, decide where you want to go early in the year, and work hard toward fulfilling your dream.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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