Accessories and Upgrades to Improve a Whole Home Experience

Very much like our outfits, our homes may appear plain, dull, and basic when there are no accessories to add a certain flair.

You see, basic elements make a house functional, but it is the decor elements that make any house a home. At ModernHouseWives.com.au, we know they are the ones that lend character and personality to the living space, and they’re also the ones that can tell a lot about a person without them even saying a word. 

Think about it. If your home could tell a story, what would you like it to say about you? 

Consider your personality, your interests, and hobbies, and see whether and how they translate to your living space. While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to steal a couple of tricks from interior designers themselves. 

Here is a list of five design principles to stick with when adding finishing touches to your interiors:

Update your home with simple and functional furnishings

An instant way to update your home and give it a modern feel is to incorporate pieces simple in design, with the primary focus being placed on functionality and practicality. 

Sleek lines, contrasting materials, and the understated look of classic mid-century furniture can elevate any living space, and the organic curves and geometric forms make these design elements equally suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes. 

Once you’ve chosen the pieces you like, centre your room’s design around them—choose decor that echoes the features of that same design style and combine these timeless furniture pieces with contemporary elements to create an interesting contrast and make a serious style statement.

Define your space with the help of rugs

Incorporating textiles into your interiors will help define your living space and add depth and dimension. 

Warm-up your floors by laying down a soft area rug and pay attention to its size, because if a rug is too small for the room, it will look out of place. 

Check out some mesmerizing rugs by Miss Amara and infuse your home with a dash of drama and sophistication. A marvellous thing about rugs is that they tie all the elements in the room together, and depending on their pattern and colour, they can either serve as a central element of the room or as a supporting element for other, more prominent pieces. 

Use statement pieces to introduce focal points

Speaking of making a statement, every room in your house needs to have at least one element that will act as a focal point and add that wow factor to the room.

A focal point is an element that stands apart from the rest of the interior while also acting as a piece that anchors the room and ties everything together. 

Whether it’s oversized wall art, an accent chair or sofa, a feature wall, or a stunning fireplace, introducing at least one focal point into your living space will enhance its visual interest and help define the feel of the room.

Grace, beauty, tender, and bouquet experts OvernightFlowers.com draw our attention to having something as little yet achieving so much—indoor flowers and plants.

Keep the rule of odd numbers in mind when decorating your home

This design principle’s primary aim is to introduce harmony and balance into a living space. Items grouped in odd numbers (usually three) look more appealing to the eye than the objects arranged in even numbers. 

You can go a step further and vary the height, texture, and shape of the decor elements so they’re all different, yet somehow similar. 

A good example of this design principle is decor arrangements comprising vases, candles, or framed pictures, but the same rule can apply to furniture groupings and the number of patterns used in a room.

Rely on several layers of lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere

Upgrading your lighting concept is a great way to transform the feel of a room and give it the desired vibe. From statement-making chandeliers to attention-grabbing floor lamps and pendants, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

The basics of interior home lighting design suggest that a good lighting concept consists of three different layers of lighting – ambient, task, and accent lighting. 

Start with overhead lighting as a primary lighting source and then introduce task lighting in common workspaces throughout the house. 

Finally, spruce things up with accent lights, the third and last layer, and use it to set the mood or accentuate your home’s prominent design features.

Lighting and decor tips for French style interiors

Final words

Adding accessories to your living space is like finding missing pieces of a puzzle that fit in perfectly. Chances are, these five interior design principles may be just what your home needs to finally look complete.

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