Common Solutions to Tree Problems

Many people wish they could own a big house in the suburbs, only so they can grow a nice garden in their backyard. Gardening has become a very popular choice for a hobby among people all around the world. I guess the fast and dirty life in the city is not something people would prefer nowadays. And having a garden of your own can be a very nice privilege. This can be the place where you grow your first tree with your children, and watch it grow over the years.

It’s a blessing being able to do this, because many people just don’t have this luck. But taking care of a tree can be also very difficult, because there are many problems which may occur to it. There are just too many diseases and other unpleasant outside factors, which can easily harm it. If you want to do this, you should keep reading and find out which are the common tree problems and their solutions.

Cars parked under a treeParking. I know that in some places the issue with the parking is very serious, and you practically have only one small spot to fit your car in. But if you can choose where to park your car in your home, you should choose a place, which is away from the trees, because this can save them a lot of trouble. The main reason this is not recommended, is because when you park the heavy vehicle under the tree, the soil will keep sinking a little each time, and will become very compact after a few years. This will make it impossible for your tree to get the water it needs, and it will slowly die. Another issue that may occur in this situation is, that with time the compact soil with smash the roots of the tree, which will make it die in agony. So, please, don’t do it.

Fertilisation. The fertilisation is very important for every growing plant, but it’s also quite tricky, so you should be very careful when you do it. The over fertilisation can be very dangerous for the tree, but the under fertilisation will be a very serious obstacle for its growing. This is why you should follow the instructions on the box very carefully, to make sure that your giving the right amount of additional fertiliser to your tree. Have in mind, that the grown trees don’t need it, so if your tree is more than 4 or 5 years old, it probably can get all the nutrients it needs from the ground.

Tree in spring

Not enough nutrients. Many newbie gardeners completely forget about the importance of mulch when you grow trees. The mulch can not only protect your tree from high temperatures and different weeds, but it also helps you keep the moisture inside the soil instead of it evaporating. It doesn’t matter what kind of mulch you use – it can be made from straw, pine needles, dried fallen leaves or even dried wood chips. The important part is to apply it on the ground near your tree occasionally, and make sure it stays there. Also, make sure that there is enough mulch, but not too much – a 5 to 8 centimetres thick layer around the tree stem is more than enough.

Pest on a tree

Abnormalities.Every little thing which is a little weird can be a sign of a tree disease. Therefore, you should spend some time in your garden, and take a closer look at your trees. Are the leaves looking healthy? Are there many twigs and leaves dying and falling from the tree? Pay attention to every little detail, to make sure that your tree is not infected with something. The pests are also a very serious issue, so you should watch out for them too. Any abnormal markings or holes in the tree bark or around the roots should be inspected.

Watering a young tree

Watering.Watering your tree is essential to its survival. The different trees require different amounts of water, so make sure you know where yours comes from. Over-watering can seriously destroy your tree, but under-watering it will slow the growth and impact the health of the tree in the long term, so be careful.

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