Cool Gadgets For New Parents

Baby shower gadgetNowadays, technology is so advanced, that we have all sorts of gadgets and inventions that make our lives easier. And it should be this way, since we spend so much time at work, out and about. For parents every little bit of help is greatly appreciated and some of these gadgets could be considered helpful, practical and very cool.

#1 Bathtub Divider

This is one of the most useful and practical things I’ve seen in a long time. The bathtub divider is great for a few reasons – it saves water,  restricts the toddler’s movement and keeps everything in your reach. No need to heat up more water and chase your kid around the tub. It is safe, useful and cheap. You won’t have to clean the entire bathtub afterwards either.

#2 Baby Shower Cap

Bathtub divider in useBaby shampoo is very soft and generally very baby-friendly, but when it gets in the eyes it stinks!In order to prevent this you can get a shower cap like this. Isn’t this super cute? Baby doesn’t seem impressed though…

#3 Nursing Badge

This badge will help you a lot with the night feedings. It will cast a gentle glow, so you won’t have to switch on the lights in the nursery and irritate your eyes and those of your baby. When nursing, it is easy to fall asleep, especially if you are exhausted after a long day and for this reason this nursing badge will vibrate at some point to keep you awake.

#4 Womb Sounds

This gadget recreates womb sounds and when attached to your baby’s crib it will comfort your newborn. Birth is always stressful, not just for you, but for your baby as well and these womb sounds will truly make your newborn feel like “home”.

#5  Nightstand Lamp

Cool nursery lamps in the form of a cloud

These lamps are the creative solution to the problem many little children face. When you potty train your precious one, it is always easier to stick to the routine during the day. At night though, when monsters hide under the bed and inside the closet, it is a totally different story (or at least that’s how children think).

And now something for you..

#6 Sleep Safe Tape

Cause every mom feels this way sometimes!

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