DIY Baby Wipes

DIY baby wipes bannerBaby wipes are essential when you are a parent, because kids make messes from day one. In order to constantly be prepared it is wise to arm yourself with quite a large stash of baby wipes just in case. You’ll be glad you did that. However, what happens when purchasing wet wipes puts a burden on your finances and household budget, or even worse, causes your child to have an eczema? The easiest way to make high quality wet wipes that are all natural and safe, is to make them at home. Here is how you do that.

You’ll Need

1. Large, extra-strong, 2-ply paper towel roll;

2. Food Container, baby wipes container or a repurposed mason jar/coffee canister. Please note: you don’t need all of those, just one, the one that works for you. The best way is if you can easily find one of these dumped somewhere at your home. If there is something like that in your home, that’s even better for you, because you can splurge more on the other “ingredients”.

3. 1 tbs Baby lotion/baby oil. If your baby has a sensitive skin, or your paediatrician has recommended you some lotion, use this one. Otherwise, any other good lotion will do just fine.

4. 2 tbs Baby Shampoo. It will help clean the baby skin

5. 1 cup of Purified Water.

6. A few drops of tea tree oil – it disinfects and helps the skin recover from rashes.

How to do it?

Cut the paper towel roll in two. Take one and leave the other for a later refill. Put the paper towel roll in your container of choice. Mix the ingredients together and pour them over the paper towel roll. When the cardboard piece in the middle of the roll is wet, it is really easy to remove it. Just go ahead and get rid of it, because you won’t need it anymore. Leave the container with the wipes to stay at least for 4 hours. It is even best to leave them over-night.

If you want reusable cloth wet wipes, here is a good tutorial:

The whole thing should take no more than 10-15 minutes, if you are a beginner, and the price for each batch is a little bit less than 75 cents, so you can calculate for yourself how much you can save! You can also make hand sanitizing wipes for yourself by adding rubbing alcohol to the mix. Enjoy!

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