Features of the Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Nice bedroom made from natural materials

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A few years back eco-friendly was a dirty word associated with the hippie culture, cheap materials and dodgy constructions. Luckily, more and more people nowadays realize the importance to turn to more environmentally friendly ways of life and want to spare the environment by purchasing things made from renewable resources. Recently it is considered sophisticated to live in an eco-friendly house and for this reason such a bedroom is very popular too. So here are a few characteristics of the eco-friendly bedroom in the XXI century.

Eco friendly bedroom floor1. Flooring.

Flooring is essential to every room, simply because it gives the room a complete look. Many people go for hardwood floors and area rugs for their bedrooms, which is a perfectly good choice. Don’t get me wrong – hardwood flooring is durable, warm, cozy and fairly easy to maintain. It is the perfect choice for a bedroom, especially combined with a great, fluffy area rug.

BUT (there is always one big hairy but) and in this  case it is the fact that hardwood is not made from renewable sources. It takes years for the trees, that have been cut down to grow up again. For this reason, I would suggest you to go for bamboo or cork flooring. Not only bamboo and cork could be harvested every 2-3 years, but are also cheaper and even easier to maintain. Due to a substance contained in the cork, this flooring repels pests. The durability is also excellent!

Sunny bedroom with a big bed2. Electrical Appliances.

Many people take their laptops, TVs and all the other gadgets and electrical appliances in the bedroom, without realizing that these are not eco-friendly and also very distracting.  TVs and laptops will rob you from your intimate time you can share with your significant other.

They will inevitably take away your rest and will put more stress and pressure on your shoulders by bombarding you with negative news, e-mails from work, etc. Do you still think these are a good idea? Think again!

Bed with a bamboo headboard

3. Heating and Cooling. For the ultimate eco-friendly bedroom don’t go for an air-conditioner. Instead get yourself a ceiling fan. It is, cheaper, you can install it yourself and is very energy-efficient, and most of all – green! Here you can read about more eco-friendly heating and cooling options.

4. Headboards. Bamboo headboards are the perfect green solution for an eco-friendly bedroom. They also look great!

5. Bedding and Fabrics. You can use organic sheets and fabrics, the benefits of which are endless. Those are not just eco-friendly, but are also perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. They are also easy to clean and maintain. If you’re really into eco-friendly products, you can also get an organic mattress.

Bed with nice floral arrangement sheets5. Air-fresheners are a no-no! Do you know that the air indoors is 200% more polluted than the air outside? The explanation lies within the cleaning solutions and air-fresheners we use. They release toxic, chemical fumes that screw up our health. Those cannot be used in an eco-friendly bedroom! Instead use natural essential oils.

Hopefully all this was helpful and gave you an idea how to organize an eco-friendly bedroom. I know for myself, I wish I had!

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