Fun Easter Games for Kids

Easter is almost here! You all know what this means, it’s time for the awesome F’s – food, family and fun. Easter is the holiday we crave for ever since Christmas, so it’s very cool that it arrives so early this year. There is no work and no school or pre-school these 4 days, and every family’s plan includes a few meals with family, maybe some nice events and time away from home. And many fun games for the kids, of course. Here are some ideas on how to entertain your children this Easter:

Egg hunting girl

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Also known as the Easter egg hunt. This is a classical Easter game, which will make your kids run a lot, burn energy and have fun all at the same time. It’s also perfect for adults.

What you will need: Some chocolate eggs and some baskets or bowls for collecting. The small chocolate eggs are perfect for this occasion, because you won’t have to worry that your kids will eat more chocolate than they can handle.

How to play: First you need to hide all the eggs in various locations around the house or the garden, depending where you’re going to spend your free time. If you have younger children, you should make the eggs easy to find, so you won’t discourage them. For older children, you can leave various clues and riddles which will help them find the next egg, to make the game more difficult and challenging.

Here you can find some cool rhyming ideas for clues. And no matter what kind of eggs you’re hiding, try to remember all the locations, because otherwise there’s a chance you will be finding them for weeks after Easter is over.

Bunny Race

Another Easter classic you simply can’t miss this year.

What you will need: potato sacks, pillow cases or just some big bags made from fabric.

How to play:  This game is best played if you divide the younger and the older children in two groups, so the competition can be fair. After that each kid gets a sack suitable for their size, they put the sack over their feet and start hopping to the finish line once they hear the start signal. It’s very simple, doesn’t require any special preparations, and is extremely fun.

Boy fallen while hunting for Easter eggs

Egg Toss

This one was my favourite when I was a child, I even used to train a lot before the holidays just so I can win.

What you will need: All you need are some boiled Easter eggs.

How to play: This game is played in couples. You arrange all the partners on opposite sides just a few steps across from each other and you give each team an egg. The goal is to toss the egg back and forth without breaking it. After each round the partners must take a step back. The team that lasts the longest wins.

Easter Egg Roll

Another classical and quite entertaining game for kids. It can be played both indoors and outdoors, by both children and grownups.

What you will need: 1 hard-boiled egg per kid and something to mark the start and finish lines with.

How to play: Mark the start and finish lines. Have in mind that the finish line should be closer for younger children, because they can easily get frustrated when the distance is too long. Arrange the kids on the start line, on their hands and feet. Their goal is to roll the egg with their noses to the finish line. The winner is the kid who manages to roll the egg to the finish line without touching it with hands.

Bunny figurine

Egg and Spoon Race

Another classic, without which Easter just won’t feel like Easter. It also makes the kids run around a lot, which will make them sleep better and will give you a few hours off.

What you will need: A hard-boiled egg and a large wooden spoon for each participant, something to mark the start and finish lines with.

How to play: Mark the start and finish lines, and give each child their egg and spoon. After you signal the start of the game, everyone will have to run to the finish line with the egg on the spoon, trying not to break it. The winner is whoever gets to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon. The competition here can be fierce, so be careful.

Another Easter bunny figurine

Easter Bunny Says

This is a variation of the popular game called Simon says.

What you will need: Nothing actually, just some kids to participate.

How to play: You pick one of the kids to be the Easter bunny. The bunny will say “the Easter bunny says…” and the other kids will have to do whatever the action mentioned is.  For example, hop on one leg, touch their nose, spin around and things like that. If the bunny gives instructions without saying “the Easter bunny says…” first, the kids that do the action are out of the game. The bunny decides when to say the phrase “the Easter bunny says…”, and when – not. The last child remaining in the game is the winner.

Easter Word Finder

This game is most suitable for older children, who already know how to read and write.

What you will need: A piece of paper and a pencil for each child, and a timer.

How to play: Think of an Easter related word or phrase, and get the kids to write down as many smaller words as they can, using the letters from the word or phrase you gave them. Example: Easter Eggs – tea, tree, rest, tear, great, greet, etc. The time you give them should be no longer than a minute. The child who writes the most words wins. You can also play printable word finder games, like this one and these.

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