Green Roofs and the Benefits from Having One

Build a green roofLiving in the big city definitely has its advantages when it comes to social life and job opportunities, but it also has a lot of downsides, considering the pollution of the air and the negative impact on the environment. Modern cities can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the interpretation. We can’t exist without the economy and the whole urban lifestyle, but all this has a very bad influence on the planet we live on. This is why we need to do something, if we want to preserve our environment for as long as we can. And what’s a better place to start with than our own homes? The buildings we live in can be a lot more nature friendly, if we do something about it. For instance, we can turn our roofs into green ones. Trust me, there are a lot of good things which can happen from doing it. If you don’t believe me, just keep reading and learn all there is to know about green roofs and the benefits from having one.

What are green roofs? A green roof is a roof of a building, which is covered completely or partially by plants and greenery. The entire construction is covered by a protective and waterproof membrane, which doesn’t let the water to the inside of the property, and the plants are planted over it. The different kinds of green roofs can vary, depending on the development. Some are pretty simple, but some can also include root barriers and irrigation or drainage systems. Green roofs can also be roofs which use some kind of green technology, like solar panels for instance. On the other hand, roofs covered in container gardens are not considered to be green roofs. And by checking the benefits from having a green roof, you will understand why.

DIY green roofLow maintenance. The modern roofs of this kind are constructed to be low maintenance. The greenery is being watered thanks to the rain water, and the protective membrane prevents it from getting to the inside, which prevents leaks and mould.

Growing things. When you have a green roof, you can use it to grow all kinds of plants in there – vegetables, fruits, flowers and many other. You can use your imagination and create truly beautiful things up there.

Reduce bills. Yes, your bills will also benefit a lot from this modern roof. The soil and the plants will create a natural barrier, which will prevent the cold from getting inside in winter. The cooling bills in summer should also be a lot smaller. Think of it as a very good home insulation.

Green roofs explainedIncrease the roof’s life span. Having a green roof over your head also increases the life of the roof itself. You see, normal roofs have a good drainage system, but the gutters quite often get clogged by falling leafs and tree branches, and the rain water can get stuck on the roof and cause a lot of damage. But when you have a green roof, the water sinks into the soil, this way nurturing the plants, and the protective membrane doesn’t let it touch the roof itself. So, it’s a wining deal.

Increase the wildlife habitat. Cities are full of buildings and streets, and everything is covered in a lot of concrete. There are a few trees, but they are not enough to create all the oxygen we need in order to survive. But by creating a green roof over your building, you will not only increase the level of oxygen, but you will also attract other representatives of the wild habitat, like different birds, for instance. Which is always a good thing to do towards preserving the environment.

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