How Much Does Rope Access Technician Earn?

Rope access is a popular technique to access high rise buildings. This abseiling technique that is used by rope access companies in Sydney is also used by mountain climbers. This involves making use of a rope and a special technique that helps one reach tall buildings as well as other hard to reach places including great depths. There are several methods to access high rise buildings like scaffolding and cranes; however, the rope access method is safer, has a lesser impact on the environment, provides better access, and takes up less space and time to set up.

To qualify as a professional rope access technician it is necessary to be certified after undergoing intensive physical training. This includes learning all the necessary safety guidelines. High rise painting in Sydney also tends to use this technique. Such technicians also have the skills for a wide range of services like high-pressure cleaning, maintenance like concrete and render repairs, caulking and sealing and more.

Important facts and statistics

  • The rope access climbing technique is optimal for high rise buildings since it makes use of the equipment and is ideal for buildings that are over water.
  • This is a perfectly safe technique and is also one that is environmentally friendly.
  • Unlike other techniques, it does not need to use a lot of equipment and is easy to set up making it ideal for hard to reach places.
  • This technique is useful for high office buildings, residential apartments as well as other tall structures like art buildings, silos, etc.
  • This is a faster and more efficient method and is ideal for urgent assignments.
  • It is also the more flexible option since the time to set up is very less. In case of bad weather or some other issue, it is easy to reschedule later however, rescheduling the task for other techniques like scaffolding and cranes means moving a lot of equipment and can be very time-consuming.
  • Unlike cranes and scaffolding that will block access to the building or the sidewalk, the abseiling technique does not cause any inconvenience or block access.
  • The rope access technician is a person with the necessary set of skills to access great heights, knowledge on how to work safely and also perform the task at hand like painting, repair, caulking, sealing, etc

Earnings of a rope access technician

The job of painting, caulking, sealing, washing and other maintenance is tougher for high rise buildings since it means having to be suspended from the top using a rope. Hence besides possessing painting, repairing and washing skills, they also need to have abseiling skills. This is an awesome job since it uses a technique similar to that used by recreational climbers. It also pays well. The exact salary may depend on the level of experience and the types of skills one possesses.

Several firms offer many different services for high rise buildings and use the rope access technique including rope access window cleaning. Opting for this type of service is a large cost benefit since other techniques like scaffolding and cranes which also require special equipment and plenty of time and effort to set up tend to cost more. The average salary of a rope access technician in Australia is $54.21 per hour in several places around Australia. However, their salary can be different in NSW and Victoria. For example, a rope access technician in Sydney, New South Wales can expect to get $39.65 per hour; while the average salary in Perth, Western Australia is $54.21. In cities like Melbourne, Victoria the yearly salary is approximately $77,221 while in Brisbane, Queensland it is $68,085.

It is a good practice to trust high rise painters using the abseiling technique to access high rise buildings since they are experts at this and can get the job done much faster. Several firms around Australia offer this service which is also a huge cost-benefit and done with the least disruption to the business. It is the ideal method for businesses as well as strata properties.

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