How Often Should Pest Control Visit Your Home?

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Pests have been and should be a serious concern for homes and business owners. The reasons are pretty obvious. They can damage your property, affect your living comfort, and the worst of all, bring diseases to your living place. If you want to protect yourself and your property, you must know how often pest control should be done.

Only a few tasks in your home have a one-and-done solution. The same holds for pest control. You cannot expect it to last for a lifetime, especially because the chemical treatments used by pest control professionals only last a few months. 

While it is challenging to stay ahead of the curve when keeping your house clean and pest-free, it is worth every effort. If you find it confusing when to hire pest control services and how often, this is a brief guide for you.

Quarterly Pest Control

Most of the pest control companies suggest quarterly pest control. That means you should schedule a visit from your trusted pest control company after every two to three months.

And that’s for good reason. Pest treatments for common house pests like spiders, ants, roaches, earwigs, silverfish, and fleas are effective for a few months. After that, your house is left exposed to these pests. 

Thus quarterly pest control is the answer for an average household. But it is not a one-size-fits-all solution because several other factors can impact the required frequency. More on that a little later!

Monthly Pest Control Services

When your house is battling severe pest infestation, monthly pest control services are required. This phase may last for three to six months in a row unless the pest control professionals have completely eradicated the colonies.

Sometimes that can require a few more months but that changes once the house is free of that particular pest and the factors causing it in the first place.

Factors Affecting The Required Frequency Of Pest Control

Pest Infestations Of The Past

Whether it’s your house or a commercial property, it is exposed to a multitude of pests. Your current pest control management also depends on the pest infestations of the past. What kind of species took hold in your house in recent years?

Find a reliable pest control company to assess if your house and garden are now completely free of the colonies. They will determine how mature and widespread the infestation was before making a plan.

Severity Of Infestation

It’s a given. The more widespread an infestation is, the house requires pest control more frequently. In some cases, it may be as early as every two weeks. If you are dealing with insects such as Big Headed Ant, Ghost Ant, White Footed Ant, or German Cockroach, stay uptight for a tough battle that lasts longer.

Whereas eliminating isolated colonies of common pests may not require more than regular visits.


If you live in a climate that is generally warm and humid, you are more likely to experience pest problems in your home. That’s because most pests require moisture and room temperature to thrive. You need to hire maintenance services more regularly than anyone living in cold and dry weather.

Similarly, if your area receives a lot of rainfall, your house requires frequent pest control treatment.

Location Of Your Property

The location of your property also contributes to your pest control management regime. If your property sits near a wooded area, open grassy fields, or a water body, you will need pest control more often than others.

As these natural landscapes offer an abundant supply of food, water, and shelter to the pests, there is a lot of insect diversity and activity. If your house is in the vicinity of these active areas, critters will find a way to enter!

Type Of Property   

Quarterly pest control suffices for households other than some exceptions. But if you are planning pest control for commercial property such as offices, hotels, bakeries, or factories, quarterly may not be enough. The best thing is to hire your pest control company every month. Frequent professional inspections will definitely help to lessen the invasion.

Type Of Pest Control Treatment

The type of pest control treatment depends on the species of insect. Different pesticides have a different half-life. For example pesticides used for spiders and ants last for a few months whereas bug treatment should last a lifetime. Once the area is free of the sources, bugs cannot inhabit the same place. 

The half-life of pesticides is somewhat technical knowledge so feel free to ask your pest control professional. The best companies guide their customers about the effective period of the pesticide they are using.

If you are concerned about the costs of quarterly pest control, worry not. Regular visits can actually help keep the pest control management costs down.

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