How to Baby Proof the Living Areas in Your Home

Our children are the most important thing in our lives and the purpose we were born for. Protecting our offspring has always been a top priority not only for us, but also for our country and many organisations in it. The problem is that before our children grow to be useful members of society, they are small babies and need our protection and attention, because they don’t understand how everything around them works. I still remember how Emily wanted to touch absolutely everything she saw once she started walking. The cat was very unhappy from the fact. Here are some things you can start from.

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Sockets. Before your little precious angel starts to walk around the house, you should make sure that there aren’t any dangerous electrical sockets where it can get its little fingers inside. You can buy safe sockets from every hardware store in your area. The electricity can be very dangerous when you don’t understand its power, and your baby is just starting to explore the world, and will put its hands everywhere it can find.

Small objects. You should check the floors in the living areas of your home for small objects like pins, nails, coins and buttons, which your baby could accidentally swallow, and remove them before they cause any damage. After the walking starts, your baby will start putting everything in its mouth. So, it’s better not to give them easy targets. Make sure your living areas are clean and neat when the baby’s around. Practically, everything small has to be properly stored and hidden, with no exceptions.

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Electrical cords. The electrical cords can be very dangerous if they just lay around the floor without supervision. Before it gets too late, you should try to tie them down or tape them to the wall somehow, so your baby won’t find them interesting if they are on the way. We had a similar problem with our internet cable. It was replaced by the company with a new one and we didn’t have time to mount it to the wall. I turned around for just a second, and once I looked at it again, there was Emily, holding it, smiling and pulling it away from the socket.

Sharp objects. All the sharp objects in the entire house must be hidden from sight and put somewhere high, so your baby can’t reach them accidentally. It won’t understand the fact that they are dangerous and the consequences may be even fatal. This includes pens, keys and other similar items.

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Bookcases. When your precious little baby is exploring the world, it’s possible for it to pull down a bookcase or any other piece of furniture and hurt itself before you can do anything to stop it. Therefore, you should think ahead and find a way to tape or attach these pieces of furniture to the walls, so they will be more stable. Unfortunately, there is a whole statistic about kids being pinned by furniture.

A safety gate. It would be good if you can install a safety gate on top and bottom of any stairs you may have in the house. This is a good baby proofing technique and will prevent your baby from climbing and falling from the stairs.

Plants. Many of the plants we keep in our homes are dangerous and poisonous if eaten. Therefore, an important part of your baby proofing efforts would be to keep all the plants in check and away from potential baby arms trying to grab them. Some of the common house plants, which are dangerous to children and pets are lily, oleander, philodendron, arrowhead, caladium, ivy, and many more. You should hide those somewhere high where your baby can’t reach them.

Tools. Maybe before you had a baby there was no problem to keep tools like mixers and hair dryers plugged in to the electricity, but once you become a parent, things get complicated. So, unplug all the tools from the electricity to avoid unpleasant situations.

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