How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Space

Choosing an area rug is a very tricky business. If you choose the right one, it will bring perfection into your room, by finishing it completely. But the wrong one can turn your interior design skills into a complete joke, by making the room too small, too crowded, too overflown with colours or just unfinished. Having in mind how expensive area rugs can be, you better make sure you make the right choice. Fortunately, there are only 3 main elements you need to keep in mind when choosing the area rug – colour, texture, size and shape. If you manage to find the right combination between those three, you’ll have the right rug for you. Here are some tips what to look for.

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Colour. Colour is the first thing you should consider when looking for a rug. And it’s not so much the colour of the rug you need to think about, but the colour of the room. If the room is already filled with various colours and patterns, then you should aim for a monochromatic rug, preferably a colour that is already present and completes your furnishing. Bringing a new one is always a risky endeavor. If you want to get a patterned rug with many colours, you need to make sure that the entire room consists of 2 or 3 colours tops. The rug is one of the most noticeable elements of the room, so be very careful and consider the colours of the walls, the flooring, the furniture and anything else located in it. But don’t be afraid to be bold too – remember, fortune favours them.

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Texture. People always overlook the matter of texture when they choose their rugs or carpets, which is a big mistake. Rooms filled with a mix of layered textures have a very original appeal and personality. Using the right combinations of textures can provide you with an interior you can be proud of. To choose the right texture, you’ll need to look at your furniture, and choose the absolute opposite for your area rug. If you have a nice leather sofa, then you need to look for a fluffy rug, that will bring some warmth. If your couch is made from a soft fabric, like velvet for instance, then maybe something harder, like sisal, would be perfect. Of course, you should also consider other factors, like cleaning the rug, whether the area is high-traffic, and whether you have small children in the house. Fluffy carpets can be a tripping hazard for our youngest family members.

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Size and shape. The size of your new area rug can be easily calculated by looking at your seating area. In case you have a big room and the seating area takes only a part of it, then the rug should cover the entire area, including the couch, table and chairs. If you have a small room, but the seating area doesn’t cover all of it, then you should get a rug that fits under the table and gets under the front legs of the couch and chairs. The idea is that when you sit on the sofa or chairs, your legs are on the rug, and not on the cold floor. And if you want a rug under the dining table, make sure that it’s big enough to cover the entire area, including the chairs. When you pull back your chair to stand up, it should still be on the rug, and not beyond it. When the seating area is practically the entire room, then you should consider shape more. Square and round rugs look great in square rooms. Rectangular rugs look great in rectangular rooms, but you should make sure that they are oriented in the same direction.

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