How to Grow an Avocado Tree Indoors

Avocado trees are rich in flavor and nutrition. Their fruits can benefit you in the areas of insulin regulation, blood sugar control, satiety and weight loss, and decreased overall risk of unwanted inflammation. Avocados support your cardiovascular system as they are filled with fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

Unfortunately, it is claimed that a tree, grown from a seed, rarely bears edible fruits. However, many homeowners enjoy growing avocados as a decorative houseplant or to beautify their gardens.

Avocado cut in half

You’ll need to remove the large pit from the inside of your avocado first, and then rinse it well until all of the remaining avocado fruit on the pit is gone. Be careful to keep the brown skin on the seed. Dry well, otherwise the pit will be slippery.

Now you need to determine which part of the pit is the top, and which one is the bottom. The pointy top end is where the tree will sprout from, and out of the lower, flat end will grow roots. Some avocado seeds have an elongated shape, while others are almost perfectly round which makes it difficult to determine the top and bottom ends.

Stick four toothpicks into the widest part of the seed at a slight downward angle, spaced evenly around its periphery. This is your avocado scaffolding, which will allow you to soak the bottom half of the seed in a glass of water. The liquid must cover about an inch of the pit.

Growing avocado sprout

For your convenience, place the composition into a clear glass so you can easily observe the whole process of root growing, and also decide when the water has to be changed. Many guidebooks advise to change it every day, but my personal experience have shown me that it is better to change the water on a weekly basis. Make sure to do this regularly, to avoid the emergence of mold, fungus and bacteria.

It usually takes about 4-8 weeks to get roots and a sprout, so be calm. First the top of the pit will dry out and form a crack, while the outer brown skin will slough off. The crack will expand to the bottom, allowing a tap root to grow from the inside. In time it will get longer and branch out. Sooner or later, a tiny sprout will grow from the top of the avocado seed.

Avocado tree growing process

When the stem reaches 6-7 inches in length, cut it back in half to encourage new growth. When it hits 6-7 inches again, transplant the seedling to a 8-10″ diameter pot in a rich humus soil. Leave the top half of the seed uncovered. Keep in mind that avocados love sun, so you need to find a truly sunny windowsill to place the pot.

Water the plant frequently and deeply. The soil should constantly be slightly moist. If the leaves start to turn yellowish, it is a sign of over-watering and you need to let the avocado dry out for a few days. To encourage bushiness, each time the plant raise another 6 inches, pinch out the 2 newest sets of leaves on top.

And remember to enjoy!

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