How to Help Organise Your Kid’s Room

Our children are the most important part of our lives and the purpose we were born for. Keeping our children safe and educated should be a top priority for every loving parent. Some new parents find it a little difficult to organise and keep clean their kid’s bedroom. This is simply because children grow up and change fast, and they also have a lot of energy which they use to create and learn new things every day. For those parents, who don’t want to give up, there are a few easy things you could do to organise your kid’s room in an easy way. The harder part is to teach your little treasure to obey some rules and clean up the toys from the middle of the room. Let’s see what are these steps.

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Laundry. If you don’t do anything about it, your kid’s room will be filled with dirty laundry every single week. Many parents decide to make everything easier for them and leave a laundry basket in the child’s room. This way you can teach your offspring that the room needs to be clean and that the dirty clothes must be separated from the clean ones. You can even try to put two baskets and teach your kid to separate the light from the dark laundry. Trust me, it would be of great help to you.

Artwork. It’s normal that every little kid likes to draw pictures. Many parents just don’t pay attention to those and throw them away, which is very wrong, because it harms your child’s self-esteem. Therefore, you should make space in your kid’s bedroom and hang all the best pieces of art there. I also put Emily’s drawings on the fridge, on my work desk, and everywhere else I can think of. Kids grow up so fast, that we should enjoy every scribble they make, guys. They will be all grown up and gone before we know it.

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Toys. Every child has a lot of toys. Girls like dolls and boys prefer cars and robots. But the biggest problem for every parent is where to store all these items. Children can get bored with a toy very easily, so it’s normal to have some space to keep the toys which aren’t used so frequently at the moment. A good solution for this problem are the big toy chests. You can just put one of those somewhere in the corner, so it won’t stay in the way. The good part about these chests, is that they can also be used as benches to sit on, which is a great convenience.

Bookshelves. When your kid goes to school there will be a lot of books lying around. If you don’t want everything to turn to chaos in a blink of an eye, you should install a convenient bookshelf somewhere in the kid’s room. This way all the books will be in one place. Don’t worry if it stays empty for a while, it will get filled over time, trust me.

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Wardrobe. A child’s wardrobe can be the messiest part of every room you’ve seen in your life. This is because children grow fast, and they always need new and bigger clothes. If you want the wardrobe to stay organised, you’ll have to find some space for the old and small clothes. You can throw them away, donate them or just keep them around in a closet, it’s your decision. I personally donated a lot of the old clothes, but I kept a few pieces I liked most, just in case I ever get to have a second daughter.

Alarm clock. You may think that this doesn’t have any connection to organising, but it would actually help your child feel more organised if you left a personal alarm clock on the night stand. This will give your child a sense of growing up and maybe it will help with their personal sense of order.

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