How To Make Glowing Clouds of Cotton

Lighting is one of the best ways to add warmth, ambience and personal touch to any room of your home. It is also a great way to emphasise on certain features, or to try and make a small room look larger. I would like to offer you a creative decoration idea, suitable for the holidays, or for an artistic lighting in the nursery. Relatively easy to implement, these beautiful cotton clouds will delight young and old.

There are two different approaches for the realisation of this awesome project, but you should keep two things in mind.

1. You can use ready-made paper lanterns or a plastic tube/luminary, around which to wind the illuminated cable and glue the cotton.

Girl holding a cotton cloud lamp

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In any case, remember that you shouldn’t use incandescent bulbs, or bulbs that generate too much heat! Instead, you can use LED lights, illuminated cable or flameless candles. After all you wouldn’t want to set the room on fire, now, would you? If you use ready LED-illuminated elements,they can be in different colours, which will make your clouds of cotton look even more magical. You will also need glue or silicone and cotton batting. When you choose the glue, pick something that takes a bit longer to dry.

Prepare the “lamp”. Put glue or silicone on multiple points on the surface of your chosen luminaire and cover it with a layer of cotton. Let it dry for about half an hour and then with a few additional drops of glue on different spots add more layers of cotton, to give the appearance of a cloud. Cotton can be dishevelled further to make it fluffy. Apply as much cotton layers as you like. If your first attempts don’t look like those shown on the images, remember that no two clouds are identical in the sky!

Steps to create a glowing cotton cloudAdditional tip: If you hang your cotton clouds in a nursery make sure they are safe to use, the glue does not contain any harsh chemicals and dangerous ingredients for the baby to inhale. Don’t keep the clouds for very long. You will soon notice that the cotton will collect dust and at some point it will do more harm than good. When you take these aside, this lighting is perfect for a nursery, because it will not irritate the baby’s eyes and during the night feedings it will create nice atmosphere for the mom, without irritating her eyes too.

Good luck and share images of your attempts! I would like to see how it went!

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