How to Make Studying Easier for Your Child

Nowadays we raise our children in an age defined by technology. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and naturally, kids love using them. What’s more, it seems like it’s in their blood and often they use them with more ease and ‘know-how’ than their own parents. In fact, about 90% of the two year olds in developed countries have internet history. To be honest, this is quite scary.

Being able to quickly pick up on a new piece of technologies and mastering it is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, seeing how the Internet has revolutionised our daily lives and most importantly, our work, it’s safe to say that it is essential.

But constantly using computers, smartphones, tablets and so on has its downsides as well. Something more, the children of the 21st century are facing a whole new set of problems. Enough has been written on how all of this affects their physical condition, but not many people know that technology also negatively affects human brains.

For instance, Internet, to put it lightly, has transformed the attention centres in our brains. In other words, because of the way everything is structured on the Internet, people now have problems focusing. For instance, have you noticed how are articles, including this one, structured? Pay close attention to how short the paragraphs are. This is done so that it keeps you concentrated on what you read, otherwise you will quickly lose interest and leave it. Because of it all, many people now have trouble reading books.


Let’s face it, studying is probably everyone’s least favourite activity and this has been happening since, well, forever. But today, kids not liking studying is not the only issue parents have to take into account. The bigger concern is that children simply can’t. So the important question of how to make your child more productive and instil a habit of studying emerges.

Here are some quite useful tips I received from trained psychologists, for which I am very thankful:

The study space

So, the first thing you need to do is to choose an appropriate area in your house, where your child won’t be distracted or disturbed by other family members going about their daily routines. It’s best if your kid has his own room. If not, however, you’ll have to pick an appropriate study area in the house and make a study schedule which everyone in your household will respect, so that your little student can really concentrate.


The design of the space

Designing the study area itself is also something you need to carefully think through. First off, make certain there is enough light. Then you’ll have to find a desk with enough drawers to fit all study materials. Select a chair that provides the necessary support for the back, legs and arms. A comfortable chair will reduce exposure to awkward postures and accordingly, stress and distraction.


Speaking about distractions, limiting your child’s access to technology during study sessions is of utmost importance. But remember to set aside short breaks so that your child could rest and recharge their brain. It is also very useful to keep the study area free of all clutter. Not having to constantly look for everything will save a lot of study time and prevent further distraction.

Last but not least, when designing the study area don’t forget to consult your child every step of the way. Feeling good about it will definitely make your kid want to spend time studying.

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