How to Make Your Lawn Look Better

Every person wishes they could live in a nice big home someday, with a dog and a big front or back yard. This is because life in the big city has become very fast, tiring and dangerous for everyone. Many people who live in the big cities are not too happy about it. There is a lot of noise and pollution of the air and on the streets. Nobody would like to raise their children in such a mess, because they would be endangered all the time.

Another reason why people strive to live in a house in the suburbs is, because they would like to have a nice garden and a front lawn, where they can spend their free time. But taking care of a lawn all by yourself can be something very difficult for many people, who are new at it. Here are a few useful tips to help you out.

Aerate your lawn

The lawn is usually a big traffic area in every garden, especially if you have children or pets. They like to run around the garden and play all day. This is all very nice, but it also causes a very serious issue, which can make it difficult for the grass to grow. And this issue is that when you step on it too many times, the soil beneath the grass becomes compact and doesn’t let any air pass through, which causes the grass to stop growing. Also, the worms, which are very beneficial for the soil, can’t get in there.

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to fix this. You just need to punch a few holes around your lawn. This will allow the soil to breathe and the grass will grow much better. Lawn aeriation can be done with custom DIY tools or through special ones you need to buy or order online. If you’re not up for the job, you can also hire someone to do it instead.

Dog watering a lawn

Proper amounts of water

Just like everything else living, the grass on your lawn also needs to be watered. Many people decide that it’s better to water your lawn with little water every few days. But the latest research shows, that your lawn will look better if you water it deeply and less often. This way the roots of the grass will grow deeper into the ground, which will make it stronger and greener. Most experts established that the best amount of water for your lawn is about one inch per week. But be very careful not to over-water it, because the roots will start to rot, and your grass will not survive. The deep watering is a very good solution for your grass, because this way it will survive even if there are long draughts.

Fertilize your lawn

The fertilizer is a very important part of the gardening work. There are many kinds, but if you want to achieve amazing results and have a green and healthy lawn, we recommend using natural fertilizers. They will encourage the growth of the grass in a natural way and won’t harm the soil in any way. Also, you will notice that your grass will become a lot greener than when you use artificial fertilizers.

One more thing that you can also pay attention to is the type of natural fertilizer you use. It can be a simple non-artificial source of nutrients or an organic fertilizer with live cultures of microbes that will help build or rebuild your soil’s ecosystem for the best long-term plant growth.

Lawn fertiliser

Cutting the grass

It may sound silly, but the way you cut your grass also has a strong impact on how well it will grow and look. The trick here is, that every kind of lawn grass has its own preferences when it comes to cutting. You should do some research and find the best option for yours. Other than that, keeping the blades of your mower sharp is always a good thing.

Proper lawn compost

Adding compost to your lawn is probably the best way to make it healthier and stronger, which will make it look better. The best part is, that you can get garden compost from all kinds of things – from trimmed lawn grass to even kitchen waste! It’s an easy and very nice way to recycle and provide your lawn with everything it needs!

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