How to Organize a Garage Sale

You have been using your garage as a dumping point for the longest time and now you want to throw some stuff away? Why not make some money instead? There are so many benefits of organizing a garage sale. I would understand if you are not convinced, and for this reason, I have prepared some garage sale benefits and tips for you.

Benefits of Having a Garage Sale

Garage saleYou will get money from things that are now only collecting dust. Nowadays, with this economy every cent counts. I am not the type of person who will spend her every buck for goods and gadgets I don’t need, but I would love to travel the world, and I need money for that, so..

– Re-connect with your neighbours and people from the local community. When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your neighbour? After all, you live so close together! Tempt them with some snacks and drinks and all the nice things that you want to sell and make a day out of it. You might meet new neighbours and people from your community that are just as interesting and cool to talk to. This might be a great escape from the daily routine for all of you.

– You will open space in your house for new things!

How To Organize it

Old toys on a garage saleOrganizing a garage sale is not a difficult task. You just need to pick a sunny day. Obviously, you need the weather on your side. Call all your friends, neighbours and relatives and invite them, or at least those that might be interested. You can create an event on Facebook, give out flyers, or post a note in a local building or newspaper. Prepare snacks and drinks. When you treat people, they will feel more than just buyers. You can tell them the stories behind the objects you are selling and thus increase your chances of selling. Be prepared to bargain. Bargain could be great fun, if you do it right. If the area you live in is diverse, you should keep in mind, some people from different cultures find bargain integral to the purchase.

Clean thoroughly every object you are selling and the area. If this is your backyard make sure it is presentable and good looking. Make sure it could also accommodate more people and it is fairly easy for them to turn around. If you want to sell an old oven or other electrical appliances you are no longer using, make sure they are functional and clean them thoroughly. Think about an area, where people can test and check the quality of  your objects/electronic appliances. Here are some more tips in the video:

I hope that sounds like fun to you. At the end, I would advise you to donate your earnings to charity, if you don’t need cash that much. After all, these are things you have used and benefited from, and they have paid for themselves. Think about all the people who dream of having them, but can’t afford to.

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