How to Protect Your Clothes from Moths

Everyone likes their clothes. For some people they are just the thing that hides their bodies from others, and for some people the clothing is a way to look good and even have fun while shopping. The point is, that everybody is wearing clothes every day. This means that clothes are really important for us for one reason or another, and we need to protect and take a good care of them, if we want to enjoy wearing them for a long time. There are many factors, which can harm our precious clothing, like food, drinks, the wrong washing powder, grease, mud and many other outside factors. But there is one inside factor, which can destroy your clothing completely over time, without you even noticing it. I’m talking about the moths, of course. They settle in the wardrobes and closets of people and feed on every fabric they can find. So, how to protect your clothes from moths? Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to do that.

Worn clothes attract moths

Dirty clothes. The main reason why moths attack people’s clothes, is because they are really attracted to the smell of human sweat. They smell it from miles away, and this is how they decide which wardrobe or closet exactly to infest. So, the best possible way to protect your clothes from these little creatures, is to never put worn clothes in the wardrobe with the clean ones. Maybe you think that the T-shirt or jeans look absolutely clean, but the moths will smell that you’ve worn this already, and they will want to eat it. Just find a separate place to keep the clothes you’ve already worn. The statistics also prove that moths mostly attack wardrobes and closets with dirty clothes in them.

Bed linen

Soap. According to studies, many people use soap to protect their closets from moths. You just need to open the wrapping of the soap and put it somewhere in the closet or wardrobe. Many people think, that moths just don’t like the smell of soap and this is why they avoid these places, but the truth is that the soap just covers a little the smell of human sweat and confuses them. The possibility of moths infesting a soap smelling closet is a lot smaller, but it’s still not impossible.

Professional cleaning products. The stores also sell many different solutions for moth problems. There you can find some professional preventive measures, and also products which will rid you of the infestation, if it has already happened. The good thing is, that these products contain some very exhaustive instructions, so there is almost no way to make a mistake. There are powders, blocks, air fresheners, and many other types of products to choose from.

Moth on carpet

Regular maintenance. Never forget the power of the regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance. If you clean the closet on a regular basis, the chances of moths finding it attractive is quite small. You see, moths prefer to infest old closets and wardrobes, which haven’t been opened for some time. Ventilating the space regularly will also help a lot. Don’t let your clothes stay there for a very long time without wearing them, because they start smelling specifically and this can attract the moths too.

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