How to Remove Coffee Stains from Marble Counter Tops

Do you like coffee? I simply love it. I like to drink mine while reading the newspapers first thing in the morning. But sometimes it happens to spill some coffee on my marble counter top and that often leaves stains, which if left forgotten, are quite difficult to be removed. And trust me, the coffee stains on natural stone tiles are something very unpleasant and hard to clean, because the marble tiles have pores, which will absorb the coffee, and it will be very hard to remove the staining. But if you catch the stain in time, you have a standing chance of cleaning it out of the natural tile.

Here we are going to see how we could remove coffee stains from marble counter tops. And it’s not like it’s something difficult, but just like most of the stains we deal with every single day, it requires the right approach and some patience. And you know, patience is the key to practically everything in this world. So, let’s check what will you need to do to get rid of the stain.
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To get rid of coffee stains on your marble counter top, you will have to follow these next steps And remember that the timely approach is everything here.

Immediately blot up the excessive liquid. you have only a few minutes before the tile starts to absorb the liquid and the stain becomes somewhat permanent, so be very quick. You can use an absorbent cloth to get all the coffee off the surface. A soft sponge or some paper towels could also work, but be very careful what you’re choosing, because the harsh materials can scratch the surface of the tile, and marks are something you don’t need on a nice marble counter top.
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The next thing you will need to do, is to quickly stir a solution from washing soda and cleaning detergent. The washing soda has strong whitening and stain removing qualities, which will help you remove any colouring. It’s also a pretty good disinfectant, which will help you sanitise the area. The cleaning detergent is being added to the solution to make the effect stronger. If the solution is too thick, you can always try diluting it with some water, so it will be easier for you to apply it.

Next, you’ll need to dip a clean sponge with a soft surface in the cleaning solution you have created, and wipe the stain-affected area. Don’t spread the solution all over the tile surface, but only on the stain you want to remove. Rub it until it disappears. It should work for fresh stains right away.

Even though this usually gets the stain off, sometimes the coffee is just too stubborn or the stain is just too old. In these cases, you can try to remove the stain further with the following:

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Combine in one bowl a few drops of ammonia and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. These are quite strong tile cleaning detergents, so wear gloves while you deal with them, because otherwise you could harm your hands.

Soak a piece of fabric in the solution and place it over the stain.

Place a heavy object above the fabric and press it. You can leave it like this for about 10 minutes. This will draw the coffee residues from the marble. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times to achieve optimal results.

Like I said, it’s of a great importance to act as quickly as it’s possible. Don’t allow the stain to dry and set – this will make it almost impossible to remove, and you don’t want that.

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