How to Save Money While Gardening

Lately many people from Melbourne prefer living in the suburbs than in the city. This is simply because the life in the big cities has become too fast and furious for some people’s tastes, and they prefer to run away from it for good. And the suburbs are the perfect place to do it – big and spacious houses, lots of outdoor space, and a nice garden, where you can spend your entire free time with friends and family. Yes, having a garden of your own is a luxury nowadays. And not only because many people can’t afford to buy a house with a garden, but also because it’s difficult to take care of the garden for many reasons. For once, there is the time factor, and then there is the money factor again. Well, I can’t do much about the time because you’re the one who must find it, but I can give you some very useful tips, which will help you save money while gardening. Just keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know.

Use the scraps. The best way to start saving money while gardening, is by making your own compost. Every household throws away lots of organic waste into the trash cans, without even thinking about the fact that these scraps would make a great asset for their garden maintenance efforts. You can use all kinds of organic junk for your compost bin – kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, straw, cardboard and many other things. It usually takes about six months for the manure to develop, and it will require regular turning, but it will be all worth the effort in the end, when you won’t have to give any money for compost.

Be nature friendly. Most gardening enthusiasts complain, that the biggest expense they have around their gardens are the seed trays and the manure. Well, we already solved the problem with the compost, so now it’s time for the seed trays. You don’t need to give any money for this, because you can do it the nature friendly way, which is also quite efficient. Instead of special seed trays you can use the empty egg cartons and the containers they sell fruits in. The egg cartons are made from recycled paper, and they have sections, which makes them perfect for planting different seeds. And there is a hidden bonus to using the egg cartons – once the seeds are ready, you don’t even have to pull them out of the carton. You can just bury it into the ground, because the paper will decompose quickly, and will nourish your plants additionally.

Share. The seeds are also quite an expense, especially if you want to plant some exotic flowers or fruits. So, if you want to save money while you’re gardening, you should find a way to get nice seeds for free. A very good way to do this is by sharing and exchanging different seeds with your neighbours and other gardeners. This way you will be able to share your success and get some new fascinating plants to grow.

Planting in pots

Watering system. Spending money on modern and fancy new watering systems is probably the biggest mistake most people make. You can easily get the same results using a homemade one. The only thing you need for your DIY watering system is an old hose pipe, and you will have a reliable irrigation system. You just need to make small holes every 30 centimetres or so and put it in your garden. Then connect it to the tab and turn the water on. Your plants will be perfectly watered before you know it.

Reuse everything. Our homes are filled with things which we usually throw away, like old tires, milk bottles, food containers and who knows what else. If you think about it, these things can be turned into very useful gardening equipment and decorations if you let it. So, instead of buying everything, just look around your house, and I am sure that you will find lots of money saving solutions while gardening.

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