Importance of Teamwork in Parenting

Parenting is the best way to check the strength of a relationship between husband and wife. Once children enter the picture, your whole life undergoes a huge change. Decisions are waiting to be made on every turn, and you must deal with issues you have never faced before. Best thing is, you are not alone in this one. Approach parenting as a team and see how effortless raising your child could be with the support of your better half. It is proven that spouses who back each other up in front of their kids find it much easier to discipline them.

Benefits of teamwork

Teamwork means that you and your mate should set general rules about eating, playing, bedtime, etc. Thus, you avoid conflicts with your partner and with the kids too. Sometimes your child will have a problem, solved by their daddy. You may not like his way of dealing with it, but if your opinion is different, don’t show it in front of the kids. It is all about teaching children how you can support and respect each other. Back up your partner and agree with him. Both of you can discuss the issue in private later.

Consequences of the lack of teamwork

Remember that children learn quickly. They will get used to the fact that one parent is gentler than the other one at a very small age. This is why you have to put limits and follow the family rules permanently. The way you and your partner communicate and behave towards one another has a huge impact on your kids. It can influence their: Sense of safety and welfare Happiness and growth Frequent disagreements between parents cause behavioural and developmental problems.


Establish family routines and traditions

Kids need to feel stability and resistance. Create traditions for the whole family to participate. For example, a themed dinner once a week or an afternoon picnic in the park. Every time spent together makes your children feel happy and safe. It also strengthens the family relations and gives you a chance to talk to each other in terms of sharing and bonding.

Control conflict

Parents are those, who have the responsibility to create a constructive environment for their children. Patience and open communication can help reduce conflict and solve problems together. Although some conflict is just unavoidable — everybody has different ideas about family life at the starting point. Couples need time to find themselves in the situation. Rare disagreements can teach children how to handle conflict. Frequent and angry argues, on the other side, affect them in a very bad way. A part of your duties as a parent consists in showing these little buddies that contradictions are a normal part of life. You can even teach them how to cope with problems in the most beneficial way. Keep in mind that character and age make a huge difference when it comes to the coping skills of your children. Some of them may have better skills than their siblings or peers.


What to do

Backing each other up doesn’t mean agreeing just because it’s in the best interests of the child. It’s about showing children how you can respect and support each other, even when you have a difference of opinion. Here is how you can do that: Hold on a supportive behaviour. Take turns in bathing the kids or putting them to bed. If he is in a situation with one of the kids, take care of the other one (or two). Your partner will appreciate a lot. Manage not to go back on a decision made by your spouse. Always wait until a situation is over and talk about it later. If you had one, but your partner was not present, make him familiar with what happened and how you coped with the problem. Talk with your man through ideas and strategies for dealing with problems regularly. Be consistent in conducting these conversations, you may determine a fixed time once a week for example. And do not forget to share the good sides of parenting too.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Do you have any other recommendations to add to the list?

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