8 Of The Best Interior Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

Have you always wanted to design your space, but felt like you don’t know where to even begin, let alone execute? In the past, getting an aesthetically pleasing space could only be possible with the help of an interior designer, but in this current technological age, that no longer has to be the case.  

Instagram and Pinterest provide some great inspiration when it comes to deciding on the aesthetics of your home and everyone’s able to hone the style of their home with some basic interior design hacks. 

You’re not alone, and achieving your dream home is much more plausible now than it ever was before. Try a few of these hacks out, and your space will be more pulled together than you’ve ever thought possible — even without any professional help.  

1. Have vision in mind

Interior design doesn’t have to be intimidating, and knowing an overall look you’d like to achieve will be helpful. Get some inspiration on furniture and design websites, and brainstorm novel ideas by creating a mood board. Homeware websites are also a great place to visit if you’re not sure where to start.  

2. Know your colour palette 

With a colour palette, your home will look much more streamlined. Sticking to a palette will also help with developing a solid theme that you can build your room and items around. As a tip, if the square foot area of your room is small, having similar colours will help make it look much cleaner and uncluttered.  

3. Mix textures

After you’ve settled on your colour palette, it’s time to shake things up a little by adding some textured items to the theme. Some examples include printed carpets, tufted pillows, and patterned vases that can bring some texture into the room. 

4. Accessories

Since this is your personal space, add some decor that caters to your personality. Your home should be something that you’re happy and comfortable staying commetns CompleteHomeSpa.com.

Consider adding accessories such as flowers, trinkets, and paintings to your home — you can even update them every season if you’d like. While accessorising is great, remember not to go overboard. try to use prints sparingly, and stick to neutral patterns for larger surface areas.  

5. Take your time

There is no need to achieve your dream house in a matter of days. Just like all things, creating a beautiful home takes time and you shouldn’t rush the process. Instead, enjoy the design journey and take all the time you need.  

6. Spark joy in your home 

These can be objects that remind you of happy times (e.g. a lamp you bought from a trip to Turkey or gifts from loved ones). Not only do these remind you of wonderful memories, but it also adds a touch of uniqueness and personality to your home. 

7. Consider a repaint 

A good paint job can make all the difference and have your rooms looking much more polished and give your home a fresh new look — especially if you are bored with the current color scheme in your house.

8. Invest in furniture

Invest in quality pieces that you really like — especially ones that will add a touch of style to the overall aesthetic of your room. You’ll also want to purchase furniture that’s both durable and long-lasting. 

Summing up

While it might tempt you to rush into decorating your space, remember that it’s best to start off with a vision of what you’d like your space to look like. Then, go ahead and curate a mood board to help you with envisioning your ideal colour scheme. Don’t forget to sprinkle some personal touches into your home as well.

Designing your home should be an enjoyable process,  and as seen from the tips above, styling your dream house is easier than ever. With a plethora of resources available online, it’s possible to turn your home into a gorgeous space that you’ll be proud to show off.

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