Is Your House Clean Enough? Answer These Questions to Find Out

In fact, you already know the answer to this question. It is not.

Even if you have already dusted, vacuumed and mopped around, washed the dishes and windows, there are still some places you somehow always forget to clean up. Whether it is because you’re tired enough from all the chores you have already done, or simply because cleaning certain areas like the picture frames or under the bed comes to your mind too rarely, there is an easy solution to achieving a higher level of cleanliness.

Answering these few questions will help you make your house spotlessly clean in every corner.

Do You Clean in the Right Direction?

Always clean things by working your way from top to bottom. Start with dusting the upper shelves and cupboards, picture frames, TV stations, other furnishings and walls. This way all the dust will fall and land on the floor. You could finish the cleaning routine with vacuuming all floors. Leave the mopping for last. Don’t forget to evacuate dust from curtains and upholstery using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Cluttered room

Do You Have the Habit to Regularly Declutter?

The excessive amount of stuff doesn’t lead to anything good. The bad effect of clutter consists in:

  • It makes your interiors look smaller
  • Accumulates even more dust
  • It makes you feel depressed
  • You have no free space
  • Products fall in oblivion and expire
  • Pests have extra places to breed in

Get rid of all things you have in excess, or you just don’t really need, and you will reduce your household activities by 40%!

Do You Wash the Dishes as You Cook?

Consider washing the pots and dishes, used for meal preparation, along with the cooking process itself. You might think it would make the cooking even harder, but it will only eliminate the heavy-duty dishwashing and scrubbing later, and moreover — prevent unpleasant odour from building up. Assemble an easily accessible dishwashing station with a sponge, a wire scrub ball and a detergent. It will even be easier to wash the pots since the dirt won’t have the time to dry and stick on.

Do You Clean All Electronic Devices?

Static electricity can attract dust. Notice that your TV covers with dust faster than wooden furniture or other surface areas. Keep your cell phone, remote control, keyboard, tablet, printer, mouse and monitor sanitized as much as possible. Just make sure you are cleaning with the proper products, especially for the TV and PC screens.

Person cleaning their home

Do You Go Deeper?

At least once a month, go that extra mile and clean the areas that you usually tend to forget, for instance:

  • Give the house plants a thorough cleaning
  • Wash the throw pillows
  • Wipe and disinfect fittings, light switches and door handles
  • Clean fans and lighting fixtures
  • Look under the bed
  • Wipe up all window frames
  • Clean trash bins
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