Lawn Mowing Tips for Beginners

Nowadays every proud owner of a house in the suburbs around Melbourne also has a front lawn, which needs to be perfectly maintained to make the property look good. Having a lawn has become very popular nowadays, and many people spend countless hours mowing and trimming theirs, wanting to achieve the best possible look. But while the experts know perfectly what to do, there are some people who have just moved in, and they still have no idea what to do and how to take care of the big property and the lawn. Here you will find some very useful lawn mowing tips for beginners. I hope you find them very useful and you use the knowledge to turn your lawn into the most beautiful one in the neighbourhood.

The lawn mowing equipment. The biggest mistake home owners make is to not familiarise themselves with the way the lawn mower works. It may seem simple and silly to you, but you have no idea how many stupid accidents have happened because of this. This is why I would recommend you read the manual very strictly before doing anything. Most lawn mowers have many safety features, so you should learn where they are and make sure they are there all the time. All the bolts and screws should be tightly attached to the mower. Also – mowers are made for pushing, so please don’t try to pull them.

Lawn mowing and pets

Pets and children. You know how pets and children are – they are always curious and interested in everything. But this doesn’t mean you should let them wander around the lawn while you mow it. They should be staying safely inside until everything is over. And don’t even think about giving your child a ride on top of the mower! One stone on the way or a sudden brake can be fatal, so just don’t do it. Also, children shouldn’t be allowed to work with the lawn mower, unless they are big and strong enough, and they know all the safety regulations and stuff.

Check the lawn. Lawns may seem like a nice and safe place, but they hide lots of dangers among their thick grass. You never know what you can find in there, so it would be good to check it out first, before you start your usual lawn mowing routine. While you’re checking, make sure that all the rocks and debris are picked up and put away. This is done, because the heavy particles can easily get inside the mower and get thrown in your face or other parts of your body, this way hurting you. And trust me, you don’t want to be hurt by a flying rock.

Lawn mowing equipment

The hearing. Your hearing is a very valuable ability, so you should make everything in your power to protect it in any way possible. The work in your garden can get quite noisy sometimes, not only thanks to the lawn mower, but also thanks to blowers, trimmers and other machinery. Therefore, you should make sure your ears are protected from the decibels. Fortunately, this can be very easily done by using ear plugs of any kind.

Fuelling. Every lawn mower needs some fuel to work. But you should be very careful when you do that, because lots of accidents can happen. This is why it’s best to stop the lawn mower and let it cool down for at least ten minutes before adding any fuel to it. You should also avoid leaks and spills, so be very careful how you fuel.

Turned over lawn mower

Hills. The last and probably most important lawn mowing tip for beginners I can give you, is to be very, very careful when you mow hills. Or, if you can, make sure there are no hills on your lawn. They are very dangerous, because the mower can just flip over and you will lose control.

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