Let’s Keep Our Children Healthy by Choosing Safe Toys

Everyone who has or tends to have children already knows that toys must be chosen and stored carefully. You are probably aware of the fact that children explore the world by sensing everything they get in touch with like putting toys in their mouths, licking or smelling them. If their teeth are in a process of growing they even chew toys. That’s the reason why you should store everything your kids use to play with in a proper place to keep the belongings away from bacteria.

When cleaning toys it would be better if you use homemade natural cleaning products which are also eco-friendly. The commercial cleaning detergents are chemical and dangerous to kids. As a matter of fact, cleaning the toys is not enough. Nowadays, with the growth of the chemical industry and the discovery of new materials, the toys could contain variety of heavy metals or synthetic chemicals. Here you can read a few tricks about how to reduce your worries when it comes to playtime.

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  1. Natural Toys. Buy toys made of natural materials because they are safer. The ones made of solid wood are always a good choice with no paint on them. You can also buy toys and dolls made of organic textiles like wool, felt or cotton. Another option is to make your own toy. This way you will be 100% sure that the materials are natural and non-toxic, and it’s a reason to spend more time with your kids and do something together. And I promise you that the toys made by you will be more precious for your kid than the bought ones.
  2. Simplicity. It will be much better for the planet if you buy fewer toys. Another proven fact is that when your kids play with fewer toys and simpler ones, they develop better imagination, become smarter, and way more creative than the other kids. This kind of toys could be used for many types of play; it’s your kid’s imagination that invents the game.
  3. New Purpose. You can turn old belongings in toys by just changing their purpose. Buttons, bottle caps, smooth stones, empty boxes and many others could provide many hours of fun to your kid.A globe and dolls for all nationalities
  4. Longer Life. When you buy cheaper toys they usually are of a lower quality and break easily which is not a good investment. The more expensive ones are of a high quality, last longer and could be handed down to your younger kid or sold with the purpose of getting some money back from them.
  5. Labels are important. Every time you buy a new toy, you must carefully read the labels. There you can find what’s the toy made of and where it’s produced.
  6. Local is better. When you buy toys produced in your country, you reduce the gas emissions that are produced during transportation.
  7. Kids’ cosmetics are not a good idea. Avoid buying these types of products because there is a high risk for your kid to develop an allergy to some of the questionable chemicals in them.
  8. Join in the game. These are the most precious moments – spending time playing with your kid. If you don’t do this often enough, one day you will highly regret it. And I can assure you that what is important here, is not what the toys are, but what game you play with them. Enjoy your time with your children, because it doesn’t last long.
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