Lighting and decor tips for french style interiors

The distinctive aesthetics of French interior design have become a hot trend in the last decade but how to achieve the gorgeous looks of Parisian design?

Use light to Show Off

French lightsPlace or point lights to highlight distinctive interior features like near-window positioning behind curtains for long french windows or ornate elements on walls, skirting boards or cornice. French aesthetics deserve to shine, be it Rococo, Baroque, Neoclassicism, or other.

When it comes to tender and elegance, details are crucial, say french Reflekt365 Lighting & Mirrors.

Think of dramatic floor and ceiling lights to complement french lighting.”, they add along with other tips such as using lamp shades, antique figurines, thick drapery, french tables, seating, and the list goes on. French design is all about being classy and vintage. The fact is, nothing builds up style like lights and glow. With creative interior, comes improvisation.

Recessed lighting is a bright idea Use this chart to match a lighting style with the desired bulb style.

Trims or Styles?

  • Baffles can minimize glare in lighting applications. The most economical choice. for recessed downlighting in the Open style.
  • Reflectors maximize light output in residential and commercial environments.
  • Lens diffuse light, shield the lamp and are deal for closets and bathrooms.

Light Bulbs

Standard light bulbs can be used in the reflector and lens-fitted trims for general lighting applications.

Try PAR bulbs. Parabolic aluminized reflector, or PAR lamps, have built-in reflectors and are used for general lighting, ‘Wall washing-and display lighting. PAR lamps provide longer beams and wider coverage – ideal for Task and General lighting

Compact fluorescents cannot be dimmed when installing in an incandescent can.



French interior is known for its soft and neutral palettes. Dim pastels and subtle facade. Neutral colours are a distinctive character of Parisian apartments, with neutral paint colours trending. But wait till you look at furniture. That’s where all vibrant colours pose. Red, violet or shade of green and blue. Although design can change, nothing sticks more than the memorable french colour play.


Flooring is so important to your overall design as it takes up so much space visually. When recreating a French Provincial look, it becomes even more crucial to get the foundations right. The modern take on French Provincial decorating prefers a less rustic theme, invoking warmer tones that can be very well enhanced with the very best hardwood flooring. So out with the whitewashed flooring and in with the warm wood tones to make your French Provincial themed rooms so much warmer.

Use mirrors

Nothing helps light disperse like mirrors. By utilizing the right count and placement you will significantly brighten your home. The ornaments gorgeous french mirrors come with are absolutely gorgeous. You can find more tips on how to create the illusion of light and space here.

4 simple steps for recessed lighting

1. Sketch your room

Map your ceiling joists and plan to install your lights between them. Also, draw your furniture so you know where the light will fall.

2. Pick a start point

Need extra light somewhere in your room?
Centre the first light over your focal point and space the others around it. For even light throughout an entire space, place the first can in the centre and go from there.

3. Use the ceiling height rule

How far apart should your lights be? Generally, you should divide the ceiling height by 2, and space your lights accordingly.

For art 8′ ceiling, space lights 4′ apart.
For a 12′ ceiling, pace lights 6′ apart

Depending on the brightness or darkness of your decor, the lumen output of your lights, and their purpose you may want them – closer together.

When in doubt, “overlight” the room and control the brightness level with dimmers.

4. Avoid shadows

Place lights approximately 3′ from the wall. If you place the lights too close to the wall, harsh shadows will make the ceiling seem lower.

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