New Purpose for the Old Drawers

Every home owner has a lot of things in their home and garden. After long years of living in one place, it’s natural we will gather many different items from our life journey. Some of them, like our appliances and utensils, are very useful and we need them every day. But every home also contains some old stuff, which can’t be used for their purpose anymore. In most cases people just throw away these things without thinking. But the smart and creative people can always figure out something great to do with these old and unnecessary items.

Such an item is the old and unused furniture. We all have old cupboards, dressers and wardrobes we want to get rid of, but usually don’t have the time to do so. Most people prefer to just get rid of these things, because they think they are useless and only take space, but there are a few creative souls, which can turn the old furniture into something beautiful and useful. The example I found uses old dresser drawers and turns them into something very useful and necessary.

Keep reading and check how to find a new purpose for the old drawers.

Drawers for storage space

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Storage. Not many people come with this idea after the drawer is already old and used. But the fact it’s not looking so good to stay outside doesn’t mean it can’t be used for the same purpose, but somewhere else. In this case, we can see that someone came with the great idea to use the old dresser drawers to store their bedclothes under the bed. It’s very practical and looks good. But the main factor in favour of this idea is the fact you can save a lot of space by doing this. The only thing you need to do is to install four small wheels on the bottom of the drawer, so it can slide easily beneath the bed. This idea could work even without the wheels, but it would be harder to operate with it. If you want, you can even paint them in different colours, but it’s not necessary since they will be staying under the bed anyway.

Old drawer turned into a pet bed

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Pet bed. Almost everyone nowadays has a pet. They are nice and furry, and they always keep us company when we’re alone. They love us no matter how bad we are, and they will always be on our side. So why not give them a gift? Your old dresser drawer may be useless for you, but it can be easily turned into a comfortable bed for your pet friend. In the picture, you can see this cute Yorkshire terrier resting in his brand-new bed. And he looks happy too. If you’re a creative type, you can easily give a new purpose to the old bed, by turning it into a comfortable pet bed. The only thing you need to do is to fill it with a small mattress or some blankets. Your pet will be grateful.

Drawers turned into a bookcaseA bookcase

Most people nowadays prefer watching movies and browsing the Internet to reading books. But still, for those old-fashioned souls, which prefer to read a good book, this could be a very good idea. I don’t know about you, but I read lots of books and I practically don’t have free space at home to store them. And this is where this wonderful idea comes in handy. These are four drawers, which are just shifted and turned into a very good looking bookcase. If you want, you can just arrange them one on top of the other, or if you want to make it more stable, you can glue them together. It’s your choice, really.

Old drawers turned into shelvesShelves. Have you noticed how small items are always piling up around your home, no matter how much you clean and maintain the premises? Don’t you wish there was a place, where you can put all these things, so they won’t always stay in your way? The best answer to your problems are the shelves. You can put everything in there and it won’t get lost or damaged. And the shelves made from old drawers are even a greater idea. Instead of throwing them away, you can easily paint them in nice colours and install them on the wall! On the picture, you can see how it looks. I think it’s nice and attractive.

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