Pacifier Tricks and Tips for New Parents

I know what you might think: “How hard could it be to give a baby her pacifier?”, but there are tricks and ways to make the most out of your use of the pacifier, to clean and maintain it properly and to eventually wean your baby from it. The opinions whether they are healthy or not also vary.

Baby sleeping with a pacifierEvery pacifier needs maintenance and cleaning, despite how quickly you will replace it. There’s a known rule that one should launder his underwear before putting it on for the first time. Same applies to baby pacifiers. Even if the pacifier is new, it is a good idea to boil it in hot water for 15 minutes. Wait for it to cool a bit and only after that present it to your baby.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining it, you can always use a mixture of water and baking soda. It is a green and natural alternative to soapy water and many people prefer it. In order to prevent fungus, you can wash the pacifier in a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. It is recommended that you do that once a day. Rinse with hot water and leave to air-dry completely.

Pink pacifierIf a pacifier is dropped on the floor, it should be washed in hot soapy water, in the mixture mentioned above or in hot water. If it is dropped on the sidewalk, wash it thoroughly and always keep a spare one just in case.

Weaning The Baby From it

I remember when I was little my mom used to tell me the story of how I gave up my pacifier. I was so inseparable with it, that she wrapped it around the neck of a homeless cat and let the cat go. When I asked for it she would tell me: “Well, remember, the cat needed it more and took it!” Well, nowadays we don’t have that many homeless animals running around, so I wouldn’t suggest you to use this story, but here are a few ideas:

Little girl wants a pacifier1. Take it early. The earlier, the better – it will hurt less afterwards and the child is not as likely to remember it.

2. Prepare the child – Whenever you are planning to take the pacifier away, try to often say that you are planning to take the pacifier away.

3. Say no. As many times as you should.

4. Make it taste bad. Buy a safe product that tastes bad. Your toddler will give it up eventually!

5. “Lose it” – If its lost, don’t look for it. If its not lost, however, you can always lose it on purpose.

And if your baby goes the other way and hates pacifiers, but you still want it to take it, here are a few tricks to do that.

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