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Hey everyone, it’s been a while!
Sorry for not being more present, but you know how life goes by – lots of work both at the office and at home, and not so much free time for anything else. But I promise to try and spare more time from now.
So, speaking of free time, today I would like to crack the topic on kids and how to spend your free time with them in a way which would be entertaining for both of you. We all love our little ones with unending passion, but let’s face it, many of the things they like spending their time doing are pretty dull and boring to us (at least some of us). Some parents somehow just go with it, but I personally prefer to find a way around it. I always look for things we could do around the city which would be both fun, educational, active and interesting to adults too. Last week we discovered the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, and it was awesome!

Inside the Melbourne Aquarium

Image Credit: Hidden City Secrets

I’ve been to the Melbourne Aquarium a long time ago, but it really can’t be compared to the masterpiece they have created after the 2013 rehaul. Now over 3 levels they have created 14 themed zones, which bring you to whole new worlds. Also, kids get these cool passports, where they can get stamps from each zone after visiting it (Emily loved the idea).

The building of the Aquarium
During our visit we managed to check out the Mermaid Garden, the Seahorse Pier, which is the home to Australia’s largest seahorse population, we had some Rainforest Adventures, visited some Coral Caves and said “Hi” to Pinjarra in the Croc Lair (Emily thought he looked sad and wanted to free him, God bless her). We also visited the sharks in the Bay of Rays and the penguins in the Penguin Playground. After that I got a coffee while Emily was enjoying the new Ice Age 4-D Cinema. And to top everything, so we can call this “The best day ever!”, we visited Scuba Santa and made our wishes to the guy who was floating inside an aquarium in a Santa suit (I’m not sure he heard us, but it was still nice to try).

Two penguins from the Aquarium
After that amazing trip Emily was practically exhausted from all the great impressions and fell asleep almost instantly in the car. And I have to admit that I also had a great time, because I love exploring and learning new things about the amazing world we live in. So, to sum up, it was a win-win situation for both of us.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium map
So, if you ever want to visit this amazing place and create great memories with your children, you can do it every day from 9:30AM to 6:00PM, even on public holidays.

My personal opinion is that visiting such places from a younger age could help children not only develop their own imagination, but also helps them develop their curiousity about the world and the creatures which live in it, which is important for our future.

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