The Hidden Dangers of Baby Cribs and Cradles

In times when we are swamped by different advertisements and companies that offer lower and lower prices, we might find it hard to choose what is best for our newborn baby? How to find the balance between affordable prices and guaranteed quality? This is a difficult question, because unlike everything else you can buy and throw away if not satisfied, when buying a crib or a dresser, a single loose screw might cause a serious harm. Read the following to familiarise yourself with what kind of furniture you need to avoid.

Baby crib made from woodIf you want to use an antique crib or cradle, make sure it is manufactured in the last 20 to 25 years and is not older than that. Firstly, older furniture might have been damaged by different pests (like bugs, etc.), and secondly, the paint used might be lead paint (LBP – lead-based paint), which is toxic and very detrimental to children under the age of six. This type of paint can cause serious nervous system damage and delayed development while their bodies are still developing. It is especially dangerous because of its sweet smell, which attracts children. So, consult with professionals and if you have chosen an antique crib, maybe try to get rid of the lead paint and repaint it with safer paints.

Toys hanging from a cribAnother thing to avoid is using crib bumpers. Even though they are designed to protect the baby from bumping its head on the crib, these bumpers might be used by the baby to climb up the crib (and to eventually fall, of course), or also might pose a strangulation hazard.

Never forget to often check whether the slats and screws have become loose. The crib’s quality will be put to the test once your baby starts to grab and lift itself up. Don’t try to fix the crib yourself, ask a professional handyman, or bring the crib back to the manufacturer. You don’t want to take any chances – approximately 10,000 children have been injured in crib accidents every year. If you don’t want your child to be a part of the statistics, pay close attention to what you buy and how you maintain it.

Room with a crib and a chairDo your research online. The crib you may like might have been recalled. This is essential if you buy from online websites where other moms and dads are selling their second-hand cribs and cradles. Check if the model hasn’t been recalled.

Avoid drop-side cribs. I think these are no longer manufactured but it is worth saying again that they pose certain dangers. There are many other options you can try anyway. If you want a cool baby crib design, you can also check these options.

Good luck!

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