The Psychological Benefits of Working With Your Hands

Some claim that the secret to happiness consists of working with your hands. It is the manual competence that makes you feel good, as well as the economical benefits. It is similarly to what someone once said about gardening –  it is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. Many are the psychological benefits of working with your hands and I could go on with them without stopping. I will try to be brief, so here it goes…

Crocheting materials1. Enhanced sense of achievement, self-worth and accomplishment. People who work with their hands see straight away how their work changes the objects and interacts with the environment. Whether you are knitting a sweater for your loved one and you see how the pieces come together, or you are working in the garden, changing your environment, you can see immediate results. This gives you a sense of control.   When you make things work and fix something broken, you feel more capable and your self-esteem goes up. 

Plumber fixing a sink

2. The pleasure to craft and create useful things. Image Credit: Flickr

For instance, when you knit, you can do everything – clothing, accessories, cloths, afghans, etc. Not only you get to see instant results, but you can start using your creations and benefit from them.

3. Learning new things. Again, when you knit, for example, there will always be a new knot, you will be eager to learn and apply. When you cook, there will always be a new recipe that will tempt you. When you are skilful, you can have the freedom to explore, learn and experiment.

Tools used to fix things4. “It is the time you spent on your rose, that makes your rose so important to you” (The Fox from The Little Prince). When you knit, cook, engage in carpentry or when you build something, it is the time that you devote, the effort and the love you do it with, that makes it worthy. When you knit something, you will appreciate it more, because you will know how much time it requires to create.

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