Tips to Maximize the Safety in Your Garden

Nowadays more and more people prefer to buy houses in the suburbs than apartments in the big cities. The reason is because in today’s fast and brutal life, people strive to find some peace and quiet, away from the constant noise from the cars and other machinery. And the suburbs can offer it all – a big house, lots of space, safe environment and a garden, where you can grow everything you want. Who wouldn’t enjoy something like that? I’m sure I would. But living in the suburbs and gardening can be also quite dangerous. It’s not something you can see right away, but lots of small and big accidents can happen there. The garden contains all kinds of dangers, and we should know all about them and remember how to avoid such situations. Otherwise we can seriously injure ourselves. To help you with it, I’ve gathered these great tips, which will help you maximize the safety in your garden.

Lawn mowerElectrical wiring. The garden is the nearest place to your home, where you can enjoy the silence and get close to nature, without any distractions like the TV or the computer. But this doesn’t mean you won’t have to use electricity. There are plenty of gardening tasks, which are easily done when using machines and tools. But the electrical wires are something very gentle, and if they are not secure enough, the consequences can be severe. So, unless you want to be electrocuted by accident, you should be very careful when working with electrical devices in the garden. You should make sure they are well insulated, and that there aren’t any cracks and visible damage to the wires. You should also make sure the place you’re storing them in is dry and safe.

So, unless you want to be electrocuted by accident, you should be very careful when working with electrical devices in the garden. INSERT If you do have an electrical accident or the power turns off make sure to call an emergency electrician to make sure everything is safe.

Clothing. You should be very careful what kind of clothing you’re wearing while you’re in the garden. The high heels are not in the list of approved clothing, because they will sink into the ground and you can easily trip and fall. The wide sleeves are also not acceptable, because they can easily get stuck in your roses or some other thorny plant. The simple and fitted clothes are the best choice here. And don’t forget to wear protective gloves and a hat, because the plants can be cruel sometimes, and the sun always is.

Gardening tools in a basketTools. Another way to get yourself hurt in the garden, is while using your gardening tools. Many people just spread those all around their gardens and forget about them. This way someone can step on them and seriously injure themselves. Therefore, I would advise you to store your tools in one place, where children can’t reach them. Also, be very careful while working with tools, because latest statistics show, that most accidents in the garden happen when tools are involved.

Plants. Growing plants is the main reason why we keep these gardens. Latest research in Melbourne shows that one in three people would love to grow a garden of their own. Everybody enjoys eating fruits and vegetables grown by their own hands. But not all plants are nice and safe. Some of them are quite dangerous and even poisonous. And if you want to maximize the safety in your garden, you should identify them and remove them once and for all. Check carefully each plant you put in the ground. You never know where the danger can be hidden.

Snail on a strawberryChemicals. We all wish our plants could grow just like that, without any actual help, but the real life is quite different. There are many garden pests which come to our gardens to feed on our plants, so we do the only logical thing we can do – we try to get rid of them by using different chemicals. I myself prefer more natural ways to deal with the pests, but if this is the one you chose, be very careful and wear a mask, because these things can be very dangerous for people and all kinds of animals.

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