Top 10 Most Discussed Trends in Interior Design This Decade

Amazing interior design projects have been born since 2010. Even though all of them deserve our attention, I would like to share 10 of them that look like to be the leading interior solutions this decade. Here are the top 10 most discussed trends in interior design lately:

#1. The New Relationship Between a Man and Interior Design

Society is changing and with that life as we know it changes, as well. Unlike the past when a man can be barely seen at home, now he spends more time near his family, helping out with housework and children. So in the last decade, interior design began to reflect men’s preferences as never before.

Moderate furniture details, less “screaming” colours and greater functionality are just some of the features enshrined into this design meant for homes with male presence in them. If you think about it, the simple interior design can create an exceptional visual balance, that will make a couple to feel more comfortable in their own home.

#2. Group Dynamic

Men’s desires being on focus is not the only social trend in interior design this decade. Another interesting change is the shift from personal to mutual – one’s personal tastes to be shared by others, and one’s interior design project to be done by many, not a single designer. Efficiency hits the sky, as tasks are handled by more than one person.

For example, instead of a single person to deal with a designing project alone, the task could be divided between several persons – one to do the planning, another – the lighting effects, and third – the finishing touches. Having a team to deal with a project will speed up the work process considerably.


#3. Do-it-yourself Projects

For the last few years, the number of DIY projects in people’s houses has raised substantially. Today, more and more people find joy in re-purposing various objects and materials into something that makes them smile, and ultimately turns their place into a home.

In terms of interior design, DIY projects slowly gain power. By doing simple projects, such as revamping a chair or creating a new candle support, the homeowners become more than just innocent bystanders – they get complete control of the interior design project’s outcome.

#4. Texture and Touch

In past, people paid much more attention to the functionality of a furniture item, than on how it feels on touch. But a lot has changed since then. Now, people are looking for “touchable” textures to create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. Wood and suede are two of the materials that are highly used in interior design in the last decade. A number of textures are also a key factor in various decoration elements.


#5. Embroidery and Knitting

If you haven’t learned how to knit, now is the time to do it!

Embroidery and knitting appears to be a leading trend this decade. From poof covers and storage baskets to colourful rugs with thousands of knots, homemade is back and seems it will linger for quite some time. According to Embroidery Press, these items made by hand have a particular charm that cannot be acquired from any commercial household decoration.

#6 Stripes

After 2015, many designers turn to dynamic designs in order to make a space feel more live and energizing. The easiest way to achieve the effect of movement is by using stripes. Black & white or bold red patterns are the highlight of this decade’s design themes. Carpets and rugs, upholstery, graphic art, wallpapers – each of these elements can stand out if defined by stripes. The idea is to implement the stripes in a way that doesn’t compromise the visual harmony and elegance in your home.

#7. Floral Themes with a White Background

Floral themes are back in trend but this time they come with a white background. This interior design style gives a feeling of an endless holiday, creating a cosy and romantic atmosphere. There is no restraints of the colour you will use as long as the overall result pleases you. For stronger effect, try new wall paintings, graphic art, fabric covers and wallpapers.


#8. African influences

African motifs can be seen in many modern villas, but since 2010, they became a major trend. With its uniqueness defined by warm colours and animal skin imitations, the African style can give a dynamic and “exotic” look to any room. In luxury holiday country houses around the world, you will likely see sculptures, handmade decoration and wooden furniture with wrought iron or carvings, influenced by the African culture.

#9. Wall Writing and Hand Sketching

Wall imprints seem to be very popular in the last few years, as many graphic artists have begun to collaborate with interior designers in creating original hand sketches and wall writings. Imagine your favourite quotes from famous people beautifully written in the foyer or various letters gracing the ceiling.

#10. Green Walls

In this decade, green living takes a substantial part in interior design, as more and more people turn to it in search for a healthier and happier life. Framed plant screens with lighting effects can bring a fresh touch to any room or space. This approach is original and elegant way to bring a piece of nature in your home. Having a green wall has many benefits – humidification, air cleaning, evaporation of the air.

Which is your favourite interior design trend from the last decade?

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